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Feb 14, 2011 02:07 PM

Kitchen Boss utensils

Does anyone know what brand does Buddy Valastro use on his new show "Kitchen Boss", examble garlic press? vegetable peeler? cheese grater? Thanks

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  1. Carlasita,
    At the end of each of his's shows, there is a list of companies that he gives Special Thanks to...obviously for providing products to be used on the show. The list I saw had CAlphalon, Emile Henry, John Boss and Co., Le Creuset, Lodge, Nordic Wave, OXO, Wustof, Cuisinart, Cuisipro and Microplane. I searched each of these companies products and the only garlic press I could see that looks much like (if not exactly like) Buddy's garlic press is from Calphalon. It has that rounded base versus the square base we all see in most stores. Next time, I will pay closer attention, but I think that is his supplier..not sure. Check out Calphalon's website and see if you find what you are looking for..good luck!

    1. Carlasita,
      I just watched an episode of Buddy. I am now certain that, at least, the garlic press is Calphalon. In fact, I am so certain, I just ordered me one. The other gadgets, e.g., cheese grater, also look like this same brand. Check out the website for Calphalon.
      Again, good luck!

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        The boss uses a garlic press? Really? How sad...maybe it's purely for product placement purposes

      2. Well Carlasita2, I hope you are reading these postings, because I finally received my Calphalon garlic press and cheese grater. The garlic press is absolutely the one Buddy uses. By looking at it on the show and on the website, it appears to be all metal. But, the handle is of a rubber type sustance and is very comfortable. I had to try it out immediately and I must say that it is the best garlic press I have ever used. Most leave a lot of the garlic bud behind, but this one put the entire bud all the way through. It's well worth the investment. I will be tossing all my old garlic presses. I have not used the grater, but imagine it is of equal quality. Good luck!