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Feb 14, 2011 01:57 PM


i'll be staying in charlotte overnight this coming weekend. i'll be seeing malcolm holcombe at the evening muse in the NoDa arts district. i'm looking for a good dinner place for that night & then a breakfast & lunch place for the next day.
price is not a concern & i have no problem w/any kind of ethnic cuisine.
since this is the south, i'd like to try someplace that specializes in southern cuisine either classic or "new." i was born & raised in the south & lived there for 40 years.

thanks. dj

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  1. Where are you staying? Charlotte proper covers a lot of square miles. Sadly, Charlotte is southern by location only - not too many restaurants that feature southern fare.

    Downtown, and only about 5-6 miles from NoDa, is Mert's Heart & Soul, where you can get your fill of biscuits, gravy, greens, fried chicken, fried catfish, salmon cakes, yams, mac n cheese, etc.

    Right across the street from The Evening Muse is Crepe Cellar. Try the brussel sprouts appetizer - fried, and tossed with fresh arugula pesto & parmesan cheese they're soooo good. Other favorites of mine include the ham & gruyere crepes, fish n' chips and their braised short rib over herbed gnocchi is killer. The crepes Suzette are a nice way to end your meal. Oh, and they have some great beers and cocktails too. Get there early though, it fills up fast and the wait can be brutal.

    For breakfast and lunch, and also in the NoDa area, is Amelie's. A french bakery, they have amazing soups and sandwiches, and don't get me started on their baguettes and baked goods. The almond tea cakes, palmiers and chocolate croissants are ridiculously good. They have case after case of fresh baked goods, truffles, petit fours, etc. Great coffee too. Oh, I almost forgot, they have a smaller location on s. tryon st. just south of downtown.

    I hope these help you. Without knowing where you'll be staying it's kind of difficult to make recs. Enjoy the show!

    Mert's Heart & Soul
    214 N College St, Charlotte, NC 28202

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      hey, thanks for the great recs so far. i didn't mention where i was staying because i figured i'd be doing things elsewhere but i'm staying at the marriot courtyard arrowood. if that changes things in terms of eating rec, please let me know.
      again, thanks

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        I'm afraid there isn't much good chow over in the arrowood rd area. The SW part of Charlotte is chain city. But that's ok, cuz you'll be up in NoDa and there's plenty of good eats up there.

        Ickymettle has a good rec too - Dish. I always forget about Dish, but it's a great joint in an interesting part of town. Their meatloaf rocks.

    2. Not too far from NoDa (about of 5 minute drive to Plaza Midwood) is Dish, which does a good job with some southern favorites.