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Feb 14, 2011 01:25 PM

Alba to Ca De Re

How long will it take and how will the roads be to travel at night? Have made dinner reservations there.

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  1. We did this at night as well and I do not remember that it was a problem. Perhaps half an hour if you have to drive THROUGH Alba....roads are very good in this area. And very well signed.
    Although Verduno is tiny, we had a difficult time finding Ca de Re, so prepare to park near the castle and then ask...

    1. What time of the year are you planning to be there? The fog (called the "nebbia") by the locals, can be VERY thick at times during the winter months, especially at night.

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      1. re: DavidT

        April and we will actually be coming from Neive.

        1. re: ncara

          From the center of Alba, 40 minutes via La Morra. From the center of Alba, taking the turn toward Roccabella, 20 minutes.

          1. re: allende

            Around 20 minutes from Neive, no need to go through Alba or La Morra.