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Feb 14, 2011 12:01 PM

Need Some Help NYC Chowhounds...

I'm coming up from NC for a Big East Tourney game at the MSG. That first night, the plan is to go to Peter Luger. Perhaps there are better options, but I've had that steakhouse's chip on my shoulder for a very long time and need to get it off!

The next day is pretty much wide open. The first recommendation I need help with, is my friend and I would like to experience Chinatown for lunch, maybe try one of the visually appetizing hanging ducks. What options would you recommend for a chinatown lunch, and if we need to visit multilple destinations to to get the full effect, then we certainly won't limit ourselves.

I'm sure sometime in the middle of the afternoon we would want a slice or two, so if something stands out, feel free to add a favorite place or two for that, but I'm sure a good slice will be pretty easy to find.

For dinner, I don't even know exactly what we want, part of me wants to try one of the premiere Michelin Star places in NYC such as Daniel, or Per SE, or Le Bernardins, but part of me is open to anything, with a special affection for Italian, or just any great NYC restaurant. I would prefer not stuffy, but am open to any quality suggestions.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide, I am really looking forward to this brief visit.

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  1. For roast meats in Manhattan Chinatown I would try Big Wong, Great NY Noodle town. Lau also just gave a good review to Hsin Wong (and Lau is one of the most knowledgeable East Asian eaters around).

    For pizza in NY, you can get what is considered a decent slice (by the rest of the country's standards, I guess) in many places. I'd say the average street corner slice would taste good, if not very good, to a tourist... but a New Yorker would complain that it ain't what it used to be! The great slice is more elusive (I'm partial to Joe's or Patsy's up in East Harlem). A lot of the known places require the purchase of a whole pie -- so it depends what you're up for.

    Pizza in NYC

    For dinner, it does seem wide open. Perhaps you'd like an only in NY experience? A lot depends upon how much you're willing to spend, when you're coming (many restaurants book up weeks in advance), and how long you're willing to wait (if at a restaurant that doesn't take reservations).

    Don't leave NY without eating these foods

    Please help me eat during a month in new york

    Big Wong
    67 Mott St, New York, NY 10013

    Hsin Wong
    72 Bayard St, New York, NY 10013

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      New Wing Wong, or whatever they're calling themselves now, is another place with excellent roast duck.

    2. Lugers is very good, maybe the best, clearly in the top 5... not here to argue the point (I happen to think it best). Anyway, it is a good destination for an out of towner. However if it is not convenient due to location my fallback rec for you is Keens as it is also a quintessential NYC steakhouse, just much closer to MSG

      There are good slices all over town and probably many more crap ones. and a good number of those will be at places called Ray's. If you home in on a neighborhood we can send you for a street slice or a better pie.

      The Michelin starred places can be tough reservations. There is a whole lot more the next level down, particularly for Italian places. Babbo is a very NYC experience FWIW

      110 Waverly Pl, New York, NY 10011

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        Thanks msny98, I will look at far as neighborhood, I'm hoping that 2nd day we have a town car with a driver and we are all over the place, I'm sure the time will pass by much quicker than we'd prefer and our options will be limited, but perhaps it will give us a better idea of some of the things we'd like to explore further on a longer visit up next time.

        1. re: picklelicious

          You might consider taking your town car over the East River to River Cafe. It's a very good restaurant in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge with killer views of Manhattan and the Battery. Try to arrive just before sunset. Maybe the best views from a restaurant in all of NYC. Not cheap.

          1. re: steve h.

            Seen it on several shows, and have looked at their website and menu, certainly worth some consideration. Thanks

      2. For ease of search, it's Peter Luger. Not Lugar's, not Lugars. Not Lugers, Not Luger's. No letter a, no letter s, no apostrophe.

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          Thanks for corrections and please excuse my errors, we'll try to get up to code before our visit.

        2. Just in case you don't already know & don't want to end up washing dishes at Luger's, the restaurant does not accept credit cards....just cash or debit cards.

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            1. re: boredough

              Peter luger accepts cash, debit cards, checks with ID, and the Peter Luger Credit card.

            2. Cantonese in Chinatown:
              Amazing 66:

              East Corner Wonton:

              Great New York Noodletown:

              South China Garden:

              Something unique perhaps for you, Hand Pulled Noodles:

              Sichuan in Chinatown:
              Old Sichuan:

              Famous Sichuan:

              Shanghainese in Chinatown:
              Shanghai Café Deluxe – am sure you don’t get soup dumplings in Atlanta and I know they don't exist in the Outer Banks!