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Feb 14, 2011 11:41 AM

Danny's BBQ, food truck on N. Burnet, north of Buell

Saw it today for the first time. Not sure how long it has been there. Any information? Thanks, J.

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  1. I had a sliced beef sandwich last week at the bricks and mortar location which is on MLK 2 blocks west of the Airport/MLK intersection. Although the brisket was a little on the fatty side there was plenty of smokey meat with a nice amount of char - the way I like it!! The sauce was pretty basic, a not to sweet tomato-based version. All in all a nice east-side BBQ sandwich.

    I especially enjoyed the people-watching. At the MLK location the guy behind me was wearing a very nice house arrest ankle bracelet. Very friendly crew.

    1. I just got pulled into this car by the billowing smoke I spotted. Yeah, their brisket is a little fatty. Its more a big, moist pile of shred than big dry slices. The way my granpa used to make it. :) The sauce is more old style too. Not too sweet, slightly mustard-y.
      This is more old style Texas bbq like country folks used to make and less like the stuff now. A lot of people may not like it.
      I, however, plan on bathing my face in greasy cow love and tater salad shortly.
      Oh, the sausage is pretty decent too. Haven't tried the chicken, they were sold out and its only available on weekends.

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      1. Danny's BBQ Truck now at 2105 S. Congress in the Shell Station lot - across from Fulmore Middle School.