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Best BBQ from Hancock Park Due West to La Cieniga?

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Now that The Pig is closed, where is the best place to go for BBQ in the Hancock Park, down West to La Cieniga area, keeping North-South borders between Melrose and Wilshire? Thanks.

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  1. If you want some good Que get down to Adams 2 blocks east of Fairfax to JnJ Burgers & BBQ! It will be worth the trip, get the ribs, brisket, links and if he has them the smoked wings.

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      Have you ever had the beef ribs at J & J? I love the pork ribs and brisket from J & J, but I've never had the beef ribs there.

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        I might have but it was so long ago. I enjoy all the BBQ at J n J.