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Review of various Charlotte Restaurants during second half of my trip

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We went to:

New South for lunch and I liked it. Two people in our party had the Fri. special which was pork chops and said it was good. I tried the pecan crusted tilapia which I thought was tasty and my crab cakes were quite good, mostly crabmeat and very little filler. Our vegetarian friend had a mix of sides: brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, mac and cheese. The first two were fine, but mac and cheese with penne was not to my taste and I also found the cheese too thin and quite unsatisfying. An order of fried green tomatoes as an app to share was OK. Although not sure they are in season now, as the taste was a little bland to me. It was lightly fried with some corn and horseradish cream on the side

Koishe for dinner. All the dishes we ordered was fine except for the shrimp pad thai. It was truly one of the worst pad thai I have ever had. We were joking around that the sauce was ketchup based. I think everyone took one bite of that dish and left it alone. Thank goodness that dinner we decided to share all our dishes and had it family style. The chicken with eggplant, beef with broccoli, eel with rice and vegetables rice noodles were all fine, as was the California roll and futomaki that we shared for an app.

Tin Tin Buffet lots of variety and turnover. It was very crowded and fresh food was constantly brought out. It was fine. There was nothing memorable or anything extremely bad. The good thing is that everyone is sure to find something that they can eat. I am not into buffets but one person in our party really likes this restaurant and so we went.

Nothing but Noodles, once again we shared and I really did not like much of anything I had. Eggplant parm over capellini, sesame udon noodles, beef stroganoff over egg noodles, pasta primavera, chicken with veg. lettuce wrap as an app. Tomato sauce was bland, udon noodles a little too sweet, stroganoff was off, not in a spoiled way, but we could not figure out what ingredient was in there that made it taste the way it did. We did not like it and it certainly does not taste the way that beef stroganoff usually tastes. Pasta primavera: way too much parmesan spoiled this dish. The only veg. in the lettuce wrap was carrots and red peppers.

McAlister Deli for a quick lunch. The pesto flat bread pizza was good, half a club sandwich and baked potato and cheese panini. It was all fine and not memorable at all.

Once again thanks Lynnlato for all your help. I certainly had a better experience this time than last year and hopefully will get to try more places next year. I have added Halcyon to the list for next year.

Tin Tin
10215 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC 28210

McAlister Deli
2217 Matthews Township Pkwy, Matthews, NC 28105

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  1. Thanks for posting, G3B! I'm so glad you got to New South Kitchen. Chris Edwards, the owner and chef, is a southern boy and well-respected in town. He's a quiet guy and doesn't get all the fanfare some of the other more visual and outspoken chef owners do. I'm a fan of his shrimp and grits... and his cornmeal crusted nc grouper over creamed spinach with a bacon lemon buerre blanc will make you swoon!

    I'm not familiar with Koishe, but Tin Tin, Nothing But Noodles and McAlisters are certainly nothing to write home to momma about. NBN is just an awful place, IMHO.

    I do hope you make it to Halcyon next year. I'll be waiting for that Spotted Pig burger! ;-)

    New South Kitchen & Bar
    8140 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277

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      It's Koishi. It's in Cotswold in an old Pizza Hut on Sharon Amity. They serve Chinese AND sushi and evidently Thai as well. It's not bad in a pinch if I'm over there. They actually have a seafood hot and sour soup that's pretty amazing.