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Feb 14, 2011 09:34 AM

David Burke Kitchen - brief review

Went to David Burke Kitchen the other night and overall it was very good. I think it will eventually be excellent but there were several start up fumbles that I'm confident will go away when the staff gets use to each other.

We started with a "Snack" of chipped cheese, olives, and honey. Basically exactly how it sounds, it was a nice way to take the edge off our hunger. I started with the ants on a log which was bone marrow cut length wise with snails, garlic, and parsley with some toasts to go along with it. It was excellent, get it again in a second. GF (vegetarian) started with the Sheeps Milk Camembert Ravioli sans lobster. It was a very nice presentation and a good size for an app. GF said it was very good.

I had a rabbit dish with king crab sausage on a bed of risotto. It was very good but not what I expected from the menu, or the waiters, discription. It was also, IMO, too much food. SIDENOTE: Chef Burke spoke with us briefly when we were leaving and I told him I could have done with half the portion, he laughed and said, "we can arrange that next time".

GF had a risotto the kitchen modified to be vegetarian and she really enjoyed it. She mentioned they might want to put it on the menu all the time it was that well done.

Very full so no dessert, just an espresso for me and a beautiful, thick hot choclate for GF.

Very very knowledgeable Sommelier, spoke to us at great length about Italian wines.

Service was a little herky jerky, slow for the initial waiter intro but the Manager was very good at checking on people and interacting.

I thought the space was very nice, maybe call it modern rustic.

Looking forward to going back because there were several other dishes I had my eye on.

David Burke Kitchen
23 Grand St, New York, NY 10013

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  1. Very good review! Glad to know since it's near my office.

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      Thank you ellenost. I forgot to mention they have a very nice little bar area where we had a well made pre-dinner cocktail, may be suitable if you ever need an after work drink spot (since you are nearby).

      1. re: Spiritchaser

        Oops!, my mistake, I thought this was a review of David Burke "Townhouse" (which is near my office). I forgot that he was opening a new restaurant. Very good review anyway, Spiritchaser.

    2. Any idea how this compares to David Burke Townhouse?

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        Unfortunately no, never made it to Townhouse (but Kitchen now has me a bit more interested in getting there).

      2. I thought I'd post a small warning about DBK, so that someone doesn't end up disappointed. We went to David Burke Kitchen last Tuesday, and while there asked about Monday "Game Nite" (as it is listed on the menu & their website). One waiter knew nothing about it ("I don't work Mondays"), a second waiter said they serve SQUID (which he insisted was correct when I asked if he meant SQUAB), and, finally, one of the hostesses - after first saying they serve chicken (!) on Game Nite - told me it's called "Game Nite" because... ..of Monday Night Football (but they don't even have a TV at the bar). At the same time that I was quizzing the hostess, my husband was talking to a manager, who suggested that they occasionally serve "dishes such as pheasant" on Mondays; it depends on the chef's whims. Whether or not this manager was correct, they don't seem to have their act together about it. So, although we found the non-game food to be very good (especially "ants on a log", which is snails & bone marrow), do not show up on Mondays looking for game meat or least not without calling ahead first to find out the day's special. It might just be chicken wings, popcorn, & beer. :-)

        David Burke Kitchen
        23 Grand St, New York, NY 10013