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Feb 14, 2011 09:26 AM

green mango vs/difference green papaya salad

went to hawaii recently and we fell in love with thai green papaya salad. came back home to florida and it is no where to be found or it is not as good.

so... i decided to make it at home. after looking around i cant find green papayas... but i can find green mangos.

so question is... is there going to be a huge difference if i make them with green mangos?


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  1. Green mangoes may have a little more sugar, but you can use them similarly in your salad. Perhaps add a little more salt to make up for the additional sugar in the mango.

    1. By "green" mango do you mean raw mango? If so, be prepared for quite a bit of sourness and I'm not sure about "Green mangoes may have a little more sugar" as JungMann reports, if by green you mean raw.

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      1. re: sweetTooth

        by green mangos i do mean the raw whole fruit.
        we live in south florida so to get a fresh green mango is going to be easy in a couple months since we have a mango tree.

      2. No there is not much of a difference between unripe papaya and unripe mango. There are often used for the same salad all over Southeast Asia.
        Just make sure that they are hard, green and unripe. And have at it. It will turn out great!

        1. I think green mango is quite a bit more sour than green papaya. Face-puckeringly sour.

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          1. re: luckyfatima

            I thought it was the opposite: papaya was very sour, but more sugars are already converted and present in unripe mango. To be fair, I have only had green papaya in salad. I've eaten unripe mango far more often.

            1. re: luckyfatima

              That would depend on the actual type of mango, there are some strains that are quite sweet even when rock hard and green. I don't eat ripe mangos and love green mango salad of all types.

            2. for a long time it was forbidden to bring unripe papaya into the mainland usa so all thai places used unripe mango for the papaya salad.