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Feb 14, 2011 09:23 AM

Cedar Street Grille - Open in Sturbridge - anyone been?

The Cedar Street Grille recently open we Cedar street retsaurant was. It is new owner. Wondering if anyone has been?

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  1. My best friend (way into food, so I trust her opinion), went last week. They had a couple small plates, two entrees and two desserts. She said the small plates were prepared well and enjoyed; the steak entree was a subpar piece and was tough, although cooked properly. She said dessert was "good", which for her means meh. No mention of service, so I assume it was acceptable.

    She said she'd check them out again once they've had more time to settle in and work the kinks out.

    1. I made it here on Saturday night. It was a late decission so I called around 7:30pm to see how busy they were. Was told they were booked until 8:45pm. We got there around 9pm. Still a pretty good size crowd in the dinning room and new full bar. The place looks beautiful. Complete renovations from the old place. Looks wonderful. Okay the food was awesome. Menu is split up as small plates, large plates and sides. My wife and I split 2 small plates, - fried Calamari and an avocado, apple, feta salad. Both were really good. I recently got into fried calamari. This was the best I have ever had. I have not had it many times, maybe 6 but the last time was at the top of the hub in Boston and this was better. It comes with a mustard sauce which is great and fried pickles. The salad was really good also. For large plates my wife got the cedar plank salmon which comes with butternut squash risotto and roasted asparagus. She gave it 8 out of 10. I got the Steak Frites. A 10oz sirloin that I cut with my fork, cooked perfect. A balsamic blue cheese salad and truffle fires which were a mixture of regular potatoes and sweet potatoes fries. This was a top 5 dish I have had a restaurant. For desert we got the chocolate Pate. It did not look great but tasted awesome. Service was great. Drinks were very good also. My wife loved the pomegranate sparkle martini, pomegranate juice, vodka and a champagne float. All in I would give this place a 9 out of 10. So glad it’s in Sturbridge.