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Feb 14, 2011 09:08 AM

Meyerlemoncello, advice on making your own sought

Hi, again with warning that this is a first and a half post!

We are making our first meyerlemoncello, which is our first limoncello altogether.

Our liqueurmaking guru has never made it, so we are own our own, we and a hundred recipes on the web. Which vary enormously!

Anyone with experience in this area who might share will be the first to be toasted with it when it is ready (which can be anywhere from 7 to 90 days!)

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  1. I just made a big batch. I used a standard recipe, but it took alot longer than expected to suck the yellowness out of the lemons. I think I stored the vodka and lemon zest in the dark cupboard for almost 6 weeks. Most simple recipes call for the same ingredient: citrus zest, vodka, simple syrup. That's it. The difference is in the quality and type of each ingredient. I am making both 90 and 100 proof versions- and meyer and regular lemon versions. There is no right or wrong. I might also make an orange-cello too.

    I tried it about a month ago- it was too sharp. I took it out of the freezer to mellow out more, now it's back in the freezer. It has been hard to wait till summer! I need to make more now- because I keep sneaking sips of it.....and it might be gone by June :)

    1. If you do a search on here you will find some extensive threads on this.

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        to all who answered and even more who discussed it on earlier threads, thanks! after serious consideration, we decided to postpone the limoncello until we can find organic lemons, which ours are not.
        and then use the recipe on
        and try one of his recommended commercial brands first!

      2. Generally when using meyer lemons I reduce the sugar by about 25% (so 3/4 cup instead of a cup)

        Those meyers are just so much sweeter than lisbon/eurekas.

        I have some vin d'orange that needs to be strained, but I keep forgetting cheesecloth.

        Once the jar is empty, I will have to fill it back up with limoncello... I think though that I will just use regular lemons.

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          thanks. we decided to try the different commercial limoncellos to get an idea of the taste we desire. so next season, I'll use your advice!

        2. know you are not making now, but when you do, you will get far more lemon oil extraction from the rinds if you use higher % alcohol, as grain alcohol instead of vodka, then dilute down to the degree of alcohol you wish after the extraction

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          1. re: Delucacheesemonger

            Reckon on going out and buying a bottle of everclear and some lemons today.

            Remembered the cheese cloth, and actually I think right now I will go strain and bottle.

            The vin d'orange I made is from David Lebovitz, and the oranges I picked in Roseville, CA... Matter of fact, I think the lemons in there were gleaned also.