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Feb 14, 2011 09:05 AM

curing already sliced pork belly?

is it possible to cure already sliced pork belly?

we get a whole hog every year, and my husband defrosted the pork belly to have for dinner tonight... and upon opening the packages, it's already sliced. uncured. needless to say, he's pretty pissed and has already called the butcher to let them know... but can we do anything fun with this? they sliced ALL of the side pork, so we don't have any real belly to work with, just sliced and uncured belly.

is there any hope for curing this into homemade bacon?

any other ideas?

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  1. When you say sliced, do you mean sliced 1/4 inch or smaller like bacon would be sliced? If so, I would demand some money back since there's not much you can do with that besides making lard. If it's sliced into big chunks as you would for braising it should not be too much trouble to cure it, but since the surface to volume ratio is larger the pieces will cure faster than a whole slab. My guess is if you normally cure for a week, try 5 days.