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Feb 14, 2011 09:04 AM

100-proof vodka where to find, and inexpensively?

This is my first post. Hope everything is chowetiquette.

I am making meyerlemoncello. recipes recommend Everclear or 100-proof Vodka. I am told by the Beer store that the sale of the first is illegal in Boston, so that leaves the second.

My local store has Smirnoff 1.75 litre at 37.00 . Anyone know a place in Cambridge/Bookline where it or something equivalent will be less expensive? or the same price, but better.

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  1. That sounds pretty cheap to me ....

    You can buy Everclear in Rhode Island.

    I always think limoncello made from vodka tastes like a vodka drink.

    You might want to use a vodka that doesn't have a big vodka taste.

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    1. re: C. Hamster

      thanks. RI trip is alot more time than I can invest ( although next time here i'll buy some).
      a 100-proof with a small taste --any suggestions for a brand.
      my local has absolute and smirnoff. period.

      1. re: bsrh

        Cossack vodka is 100 proof and cheap i have used it for limoncelo in the past with good results but I recently saw kappy's vodka 100 proof and I will give that a try.

        1. re: ac106

          Isn't there a myth that you can take crappy vodka, feed it through a Brita filter like 4 times, and it turns it into, while not Grey Goose, somewhat okay vodka?

          1. re: grant.cook

            The guy who made making the perfect lemoncello a life quest Filters his Everclear (NY or RI is the closest place to buy it) through a brita before using it, so there must be something to it.