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Feb 14, 2011 09:03 AM

Gourmet cupcakes

My wife and son are big fans of the show "Cupcake Wars". Does anyone know of a bakery that does gourmet type cupcakes like they do on that show? We have a few pretty good bakeries nearby, but not that do those kind of cupcakes. We are in Monmouth County, but not above driving an hour or so.

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  1. I LOVE the cupcakes here.... Felix's Caketeria

    It is located in Newtown, PA. It takes us about 45 minutes from Manalapan, but so worth the trip!! My favs are the red velvet and carrot cake. Really good! Plus, the owners are super sweet! Good luck!

    1. Here's a thread that may help you in your quest:

      1. It seems like cupcakes are the new "Bagels" with a shop springing up on every corner. Whether they will have the staying power of bagels or just be a passing fad, that is yet to be determined.

        It's unlikely you'll have to travel an hour to get cupcakes, a shop probably just opened right near you!

        1. There is House of Cupcakes in Princeton on Witherspoon St. I reccommend the Fudge Truffle cupcake!!! (and chocolate cupcakes are normally not my first cupcake of choice). Here is there website:

          Looks like they are going to be on Cupcake Wars.

          1. Thanks for the help. I also appreciate the link to the other thread. I usually search, but didn't remember seeing a thread. Figures! We will def try the place in princeton, not to far a drive, as well as the place in PA. Thanks again.