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Feb 14, 2011 08:43 AM

Where to purchase Falk Copper Cookware from?

Hi All,

I'm here to invest in Falk cookware and I need to know from where can I purchase Falk Cookware from?
Is Falk sold in any stores in United States? Is there any other website other than which sell Falk?

Recently; there is a promotion on Falk UK store "Build you own sets" which offers coupon code for building our own custom cookware set. The same is not available in United States Website :(
I know that Falk is really expensive and I'm trying to save every penny possible. I dont even mind waiting for a better deal.
Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks & Regards

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  1. pkmeeta: As far as I know, is the exclusive approved USA seller of Falk. However, you can sometimes find new Falk pieces listed on eBay. Re: coupon codes, the copperpans site offers % discount depending on the size/$ amount of your order. I'd also encourage you to simply make a reasonable offer.

    Are you unshakably committed to Falk? Must you have SS-lined? Do you have to have new? If you are open to tin-lined and are willing to scrounge a bit, you can find tremendous deals on eBay, Craigslist, garage sales, etc. Good vintage pieces are often better than anything now being made, including Falk. If you have patience, you can acquire a top-flight set for less money than comparable pieces of Allclad.

    Good Luck

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    1. re: kaleokahu

      Thanks for your input. After I have done my research, I know for sure that I need falk. I was looking for good copper pans and I liked falk for its durability and ease of use. Moreover I don't want tin lined just for the matter tbhat it requires retinning.
      Currently falk is not listed on the ebay. Do any other european sites sell them from where I can get it shipped to usa.

      1. re: pkmeeta

        Wish I could tell you that there was some venue that sold Falk at deep discounts; however, the Falk collection has endured in its current form for at least the past decade as we have 'splurged' for one or two pieces per year over much of that time.

        They have been worth every penny for us enduring years of good cooking on both anemic electric and over powered commercial gas stoves. Falk cookware is utterly durable and keep their good looks with a minimum of effort.

        We inherited some vintage copper cookware, tin lined, which are equally substantial, but the tin is a maintenance issue and often the curved base profiles are much less generous making the cleaning of those older pots more problemmatic.

        Occaisionally Falk has run special coupons to discount one piece of their stock or to provide free shipping, etc. but those specials are of limited duration so you need to watch their site over the course of year to catch them.

        We have a couple pieces of the 2.5mm Bougeat copper line which are equally substantial but our preferences have led us to stay with Falk as our core collection. BTW we have never had to polish the Falk to keep it looking great; however, after washing, we do hand dry them.

        1. re: ThanksVille

          Thank you ThanksVille. That helps knowing there are some promotions that run on Do you know usually when these promotions were run during past year(s). I know its not necessary that they would run the same time this year, but 1) it will give him enough time to prepare before I spend 700-1000$ and 2) usually with my experience in dealing with sales is that most stores/companies would run similar sales around same time of year. Thanks again.