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Feb 14, 2011 06:59 AM

Indian takeout at Passyunk Square - anyone tried it?

I was walking by the fountain at Passyunk and Tasker the other day and notice a sign in the window of a house for Indian takeout. I didn't go in, but there was a menu in the window which sounded great and very reasonably priced. Has anyone checked this place out? I'm very curious and very excited to have Indian so close to my house!

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  1. I've been by the fountain twice in the last week and didn't notice anything. Where exactly is this place?

    It's not Indian, but Circles Thai is pretty good and they deliver.

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      It's across from the fountain. You wouldn't even know it was there unless you read the menu in the window. Didn't know there was Ekta at Green Aisle, I'll have to check it out.

    2. I've seen it but have never gotten anything from there.

      You can get Ekta takeout at Green Aisle Grocery on E Passyunk, that's usually how I fulfill my Indian cravings.

      1. Can you just walk in and get Indian food? Or do you need to call?

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          I don't know. I guess you could walk in. I couldn't see inside because the window was covered with tapestry. I'll try and snag a menu the next time I walk by.

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            I'm going to B2 later--will investigate.

        2. I stopped by and got a menu. It's take out only, starts at 5pm. Call up, and she lets you know when to come pick it up. Menu is small and straightforward. Samosas, pakora, plain naan, typical Punjabi veggie and chicken dishes. Veggie dishes are $6, chicken dishes are $11.

          This is not a storefront--it's someone's home. She came to the door when I knocked and did not invite me in. I'm curious to try it, but I highly doubt this is a commercial or inspected kitchen in any way. That doesn't necessarily bother me, but I would prefer someone else to be the first guinea pig :)

          It's called India's Kitchen - 215-336-2474

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            Thanks for the update barryg. I got the same impression that this was someone cooking out of their home. I didn't want to be the guinea pig either :)