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Feb 14, 2011 05:44 AM

Oscars 2011--menu ideas?

It's Oscars time again, and I'm making dishes to correspond to the Best Picture Nominees--help me fill in the gaps! (This is a party being held at a bar, so I don't need any cocktail ideas, and while the menu doesn't have to be vegetarian, we've got a handful of vegetarians coming...)

Inception--3-layer cake (of roasted vegetables and mozzarella cheese)
True Grit -- cheesy grits with LaBoeuf (that's "La Beef") jerky
The Fighter -- crack pie

The King's Speech -- ?
Toy Story 3 -- thinking Tater Tots, or possibly something with tortillas (for Mr. Potato Head's great iconic scene)
The Social Network -- ?
Winter's Bone -- ?
The Kids Are All Right -- ?
127 Hours -- ?
Black Swan -- thinking of something that plays with poultry or eggs, and includes a black ingredient (ideally no food coloring)

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  1. For Black Swan, chicken wings or turkey wings with a dark glaze, like hoisin-based, since the dancer's arms morph into wings by the end of the film.

    For Winter's Bone, wings would also do, or lamb shanks, osso buco, or roast marrow bones.

    For the Kids are All Right, goat curry?

    For 127 Hours, one of the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day recipes, since those proof for days in the fridge.

    For The Social Network, do they still sell Social Tea cookies in the supermarket? They are/were a very plain, not-very-sweet rectangular cookie made, I think, by Nabisco. Tasted like Animal Crackers.

    1. Winter's Bone -- venison stew
      127 Hours -- trail mix
      Black Swan -- deviled eggs with black caviar on top

      1. For Winter's Bone - Ribs
        For 127 Hours - something slow cooked - meatballs in sauce?
        For The Kids Are All Right - something with goat?
        For The Social Network - Chex Mix (you always see it at social parties, right?)
        For The King's Speech - Tea Sandwiches (they are rather British!) Or Scones with Clotted Cream

          1. for 127 hours--something with BLOOD oranges or something with a big bone like lamb shanks.
            Black Swan--cornish hens with soy sauce or balsamic glaze