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Feb 14, 2011 04:57 AM

Where should we eat in Bruges?

We will be in Bruges between 18th-21st March. Just 2 adults.

Where would you recommend?
We're not restricted to certain types of cuisine, just want it to be good!
We'd like to try local dishes too, what is a speciality in this area?

We're looking for both lunch & dinner spots. Cheap & cheerful plus more expensive options welcome (don't want to have to wear jacket & tie though).

Thanks Chowhounders, your recommendations in the other parts of te world have always been spot on :0)

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  1. Hertog Jan and De Jonkman would be my picks for dinner.

    1. Make sure to have a stoverij, stoufvlees or carbonnade a la flamande (all names for the same dish) Think boeuf bourgignon but made with beer instead of red wine. Thick, heavy stew, always served with a fresh bowl of frites and a beer of course! Lekker!

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      1. Den Dyver. Have the beer pairings.

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          I have picked Den Huzaar for my first dinner in Bruges - it serves hearty local food.

          One of their specialties is Bruges braised pork cheeks with Bruges beer and cherries...mmm
          I'm dying to try it - it sounds wonderful, as does allot of their dishes.

          Has anyone been?

          They get rave reviews on TripAdvisor

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            Sounds good, thanks for the post.

            1. re: scooby99

              Den Huzaar also does carbonnade a la flamande.

              The last time I was in Bruges - that was all I kept ordering - it is indeed absolutely delicious!!

            2. re: NellyNel

              We went to Den Huzaar while travelling through Belgium for my Dad's Birthday. I very fortunately had the braised pork cheeks with Bruges beer and cherries which was absolutely delicious and generously proportioned!
              Everyone else's food was fantastic as well, but after tasting each of them I rather smugly devoured the rest of my plate happy in the knowledge I had got the best thing on the menu (in my opinion anyway)!

              A restaurant not to be missed if staying in Bruge or just passing through as we were.

          2. The suggestions in this post sounded great but when checking them out further, it appears that many of them are closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Any ideas for a good lunch in Bruges on a Wednesday?

            Many thanks.

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            1. re: breadmanswife

              We had one good dinner and quite a few good beers and appetizers at Bierbrasserie Cambrinus, which per its website, is open daily. A fun place to eat!

              De Koetse is open on Wednesday, closed Thursday. Cozy, welcoming and more formal than Cambrinus.

            2. Recently ate at Den Huzaar. Fantastic.

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              1. re: Brewers_Wife

                I had a wonderful meal there last year; it was our best meal in Bruges.

                I had been to bruges 10 years ago, and every meal was stupendous....last year, though - not so much...I was actually pretty disappointed in our other meals there this time.