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Feb 14, 2011 04:51 AM

Book rec's re: portion size & cooking

Hi all,

Mr. RNR and I are both foodies and decent home cooks. Mr. worked for years in restaurants and is used to producing high volumes of food. After several years of enjoying cooking and eating (mostly his cooking), our waistlines are suffering, and so is our cholesterol. Keeping physical fitness out of it as that's a whole diff discussion, Mr RNR agrees it would be great, as the primary cook, if he had a book not only about portion sizes, but about how to translate that when you're cooking. Preferably something foodie-leaning if such a thing exists, because this is not about ordering the grilled chicken breast at Wendy's, this is about how many homemade confitted duck thighs is a serving, how many potatoes to boil for 1 serving of mashed per person, etc.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. What if he cooks the way he always does, but you just cut it in half? Then you have duck for two meals. Coming from the restaurant world, I have trouble with portion size as well. Good luck.

    1. I have never seen such a book. When my husband and I had the same problem, we focused first on what was the most caloric--full fat dairy of all kinds was the most obvious group for us--and cut it way back. It now takes us a month to go through a large container of heavy cream rather than a week. Second was pasta portions....where we used to cook half a box now we cook 2 cups max. Third was bread...instead of a whole piece with dinner salad it's now half. And last, adding veggies and fruits to every meal. There will be much more advice coming your way, but those really helped us get things somewhat under control without feeling deprived at all.

      1. Thanks all. I think I found a good one at lunch (was hoping to give something like this for Valentine's Day today since we just talked about this last night). It's by the guy who did "You the Owner's Manual," which I thought was a good and easy read and this is You on a Diet. Looking through it, I think it's just the type of factoid-based material that would work well for both of us.

        We've tried the cook once/eat twice thing but if food for 2 meals is cooked, that's what we eat. We're good at cooking ahead for the week and not touching that, but we need to be cooking the proper amount at the outset.