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Feb 14, 2011 04:39 AM


We decided to buy meat from a man who raised cows. I honestly dont know much about him but we trusted him enough to buy from him. I think we bough part of a cow. Once we got the meat I wondered why the meat would say Nov102010 if we paid and received it @ Feb 10, 2011. Is it normal to get meat that has that date on it? Or should it be at least from the same month?

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  1. Probably the processing date and not the expiration date. Call and ask the man.

    1. I would think that was the date of slaughter, and mid-late fall would be the most common time of slaughter for cattle raised the old-fashioned way.

      You've got to get over the supermarket expectation that meat is slaughtered X days before you eat it. That's a very modern, and expensive, phenomenon. Historically, animals would be fattened up from spring through mid-fall, then slaughtered. In the days before refrigeration, that meant various types of curing or preservation. We are blessed now with freezers instead.