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Feb 14, 2011 03:15 AM

Can you bring your own bottle to Garces Trading Company

Can you bring your own bottle of wine (not purchased at the onsite PCLB store) to dinner at Garces Trading Company?

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    1. re: urbanfabric

      Yes, but after your first bottle, there is a $10 corkage fee for each subsequent bottle....

      I do really like GTC But I really don't understand the $10 corkage fee? The restaurant advertises as a BYO. I understand corkage fee's at restaurants that provide liquor (wine). But if you bring your own or even purchase at the "separate" LCB wine store, of which GTC is benefiting from, why is GTC charging a corkage fee? Friends had dinner there a couple nights ago (party of 5 and 3 bottles), the first bottle, there was no corkage fee, but the subsequent bottles, the server told them,they would be charged per bottle after the first bottle. This is very odd. I hope that they discontinue this practice. For the server's sake, because I know of a couple places that tried doing this (BYOs) and the patrons started taking away from the gratuity (instead of 20%+ they would tip less depending on what the corkage fee was...NOTE: this was at BYO's, not restaurants with liquor/beverage service).

      1. re: SpdRcr069

        But Garces Trading company now has their own liquor license in addition to the PLCB shop. Seems fair to me.

        1. re: SpdRcr069

          Outside of the foot traffic it may generate, GTC does not benefit from the liquor store in there AFAIK.

          I think it's BS that they opened this place as a gourmet shop with a good wine store that had a cafe, and turned it into a full blown restaurant with a liquor license. I guess the lure of restaurant profits was too much for GRG. I like the restaurant but I wish the emphasis was still on the deli stuff. They should be two separate places.

          1. re: barryg

            PLCB is PLCB, GTC is GTC. Very draconian, very separate. Very odd method, thus if a table for one drinks a bottle, no corkage charge, but if a table for 8 drinks 5 bottles, a corkage charge for the 2nd through 5th bottles. That is just silly and unfair to larger groups.

            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

              I went with a group of 5 I think and we got more than one bottle corkage-free. I think it was three bottles but not 100% sure.

            2. re: barryg

              I've always wondered if GTC charges the LCB rent for its space, though. They must, right?

              I totally agree on the cafe turned fancy restaurant, I'm pretty bummed. We went a few days ago, bought a bottle in the LCB store, and split a salad and pasta between the two of us. While sitting there, I noticed another table eating sandwiches! I wonder if you can ask for the lunch/cafe menu?

              I did notice that a $10 corkage on the modestly priced bottles in the LCB store still wouldn't land close to the cheapest bottle on their wine list (around $45-48).

              1. re: urbanfabric

                GRG doesn't own the building... maybe the liquor store is a sublet but they might just pay rent to the landlord too.