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Feb 14, 2011 02:56 AM

Wor Shu Opp in Philadelphia????

Does anyone know of a restaurant where I can get wor shu opp, made in the "old fashioned" way?


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  1. Wow, i hadn't thought about that in years. It was a favorite of mine when I lived in the N.E. and had access to Ben Lin's Jade Palace on Cottman. He served a great Wor Shu Opp (pressed duck with vegetables) but I haven't seen it on a menu in decades. Now you have me curious.

    1. Same old warm feeling, used to be at South China. Was served on lettuce leaf as is seemingly usual in this country and was my go to dish there as l was growing up. Cannot add anything to search, but would sure like to see it again. Thanks for memory.

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        China King, near Front and Cheltenham Ave. Take out only. Great place for "retro" Chinese comfort food ( Wor Shu Opp, Egg Foo Young, Shrimp and Lobster sauce...).