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Feb 13, 2011 07:23 PM

Food Storage

I am trying some new recipes and I am not exactly sure how things need to be stored - in the refridgerator or at room temperature. Both are hamenstashen - cookies eaten at the Jewish holiday of Purim. They are essentially sugar cookies folded in a triangular shape around a filling. The fillings I am trying are a chocolate pastry cream and a raspberry cheesecake (made with cream cheese, sugar, and raspberry preserves - no eggs). Both fillings get baked with the cookie for about 18 minutes. Do these need to be refridgerated when they are done or will they keep at room temperature?


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  1. Why risk it when refrigerated will do the job?

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      I may be giving these out to friends and family (it's part of the holiday tradition) so they might have to sit out at room temperature for some amount of time - anywhere from 2 - 8 hours. I also want to know what I should tell the people I give them to.

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        the texture of the pastry may suffer is why

      2. Anything with dairy, refrigerate, then bring to room temp before serving (though I personally love cold cookies). Try to refrigerate in an airtight, or as airtight as possible, container to prevent migration of smells/flavors from other refrigerated foods.

        1. cream cheese, eggs, butter need to be kept cold to avoid spoilage
          jams, prune fillings etc. can withstand some time out of the fridge and should be OK although the texture might suffer.
          8 hours is dangerous as far as cream fillings or cheesecakes go IMHO