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Feb 13, 2011 07:10 PM

Has anybody been to Massa yet?

I know Massa at the Five Corners in Scarsdale is supposed to be open already, but it seems remarkably quiet so far about how it is.

As a matter of fact, the place doesn't seem to be open driving by most of the time. No signs. The whole vibe always seems to be quiet.

Considering the unlucky history of this space, I'd make sure people knew we were open for dinner.

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  1. I went soon after it opened.My impression was nice people average food a little overpriced.
    I dont think just good can survive in that particular space.I live two blocks away so believe me id love a local go to place.But i doubt i would rush back

    1. The location is cursed I tells ya....CURSED!

      Tried last week, went in & non-one, as in not a person, was in there. I read that sign as BAD and left.

      1. I just wonder if this is by design and they've launched softly, or they have not bothered to really promote the opening.

        You would think there'd be some kind of sign somewhere that says GRAND OPENING, so people knew to check it out.

        I personally don't think most people know if it's really open or not.

        1. I went and was not impressed. In fairness it was a soft open so I tried not to be too harsh. Some problems may have just been execution due to a new kitchen/staff. Others seemed a bit more glaring. I wrote a full review in greater detail here:

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            Gotta tell you...Will not be running to dine here any time soon. Soft opening or not, when an establishment is open, it's open. That means everything should be ready and on target. There are little thing that can be overlooked- but not multiple things from start to finish.

          2. i said it before and i'll say it again, it is not cursed~ just a really lousy location~. i have lived less than 2 miles from there for 56 years (entire life) and it is basically an isolated building . The rear lot with it's steepness and access to weaver street is not very enjoyable, this is not LA and most don't want valet. parking across the street is non-existent and even if agreement was reached running to beat weaver street traffic won't cut it. so no matter how close to building it is just too easy to go a fewmiles further ~ granted slim pickings in the area> but i do hope they do well, despite my prediction

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            1. re: rich51

     in other words the location is cursed. And there's lots of parking across the street in the lot behind Metro Deli/Chase Bank.

              1. re: BAFU

                the owners of that lot (in the past) went out of it's way to make it clear that that lot was only for their own tenants . and perhaps most specifically not for the restaurant. i do not know if that has changed. but i think they may chain it it the evening (?)

                1. re: rich51

                  indeed they do chain it.Though i doubt the hordes will descend on the parking lot in search of Massa

                  1. re: ronhall51

                    well at least they haven't lost your reservation :-(