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Feb 13, 2011 06:53 PM

Would you bother returning a Le Creuset pan if...

I just got the Le Creuset 3.5 dutch oven buffet pan/braiser and see that it has specks of paint inside on the beige enamel. It's about 4 tiny specks of the Caribbean color, so I am presuming it's paint rather than damage in terms of the enamel wearing off.

Is this a common occurence I should overlook or should I exchange it? (I got it from Macys online, which is the same source for another poster who found damage on the exterior of her pan. Maybe it's just a coincidence since they are being shipped straight from the factory, in my case anyway.)

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  1. If it is me, no, I won't return it because it is not a functional defect, but it is really up to you.

    1. It happens. It's only enamel over-spray and won't change anything. Enjoy cooking with it!

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        Thank you, both, for your quick replies! It's nice to know it's no big deal as it's so heavy I really didn't want to take it out. I had that nagging thought it should be perfect since it's a "lifetime investment" but now I can just take it as a sign of hand craftsmanship.

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          Nah - it's all in the way they paint. You can see video of it on that Science Channel "How It's Made" program. They spray the inside with the cream enamel and then hold a round covering over the inside of the bowl while the handles are colored with a hand-held sprayer.

          It's likely very easy for a molecule or two of the exterior shade to find its way inside.

      2. Since Macy's online price is quite high, if tere are any retailers locally where you can see what you buy in person, I would buy there and return the one to Macy's. Needless to say, I assume the both price are the same. However, if no such option is available, I would keep as others reccomend. You can retrun the one you bought from Macy's online at any local Macy's shops with the original receipt. or, I would just go to one of the LC outlet stores and buy there if you have any access.
        For more than $100 investment in cookware, I would try not to buy online if i have a choice.

        I might be careless if this is outside enamel, but for inside I expect the enamel has no speck of color inside (tiny pinholes are acceptable to me.) especially when I buy at higher price than outlet store. BUT - It might only be me.

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          Call Macy's and tell you you're not pleased with the one you received. Ask them if they would send you another, and issue you a call tag or prepaid return label to take back the one you got at no charge to you. Call customer service and be firm. If you don't get what you want, ask for a supervisor. Tell them you called an outlet and they consider that defect to be a second. I believe that it is. They want their customers to be satisfied, or at least they used to want that. Give it a try!

          It's just cosmetic, but you don't want to be bothered by it every time you cook with it. Only you can decide how much it bothers you. I would give it a shot though. Nothing to lose!

          1. re: blondelle

            agree. Tiny pinholes are fine but no specks for the high price for 1st quality paid.

        2. Given that it's just cosmetic, I would return it if I had bought it from a local store, but not if it had to be returned by mail.