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Feb 13, 2011 04:52 PM

So, if it's FREE?

We are headed to NOLA in a few weeks, our hotel deal includes free brunch at Court of Two Sisters. I have seen it pretty much universally panned in the discussions... But is it bad enough to turn down if it is gratis?

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  1. Give it a shot. Gratis is a good price.
    Please report back.

    1. Do it. It has been years since we've been there but there have been a few positive mentions. It will probably be standard local brunch fare so you will get your money's worth even if all you eat are boiled shrimp and maybe some oysters.

      If the weather is nice and you get to eat in the nice patio that is also a plus, for free

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        That's what I am thinking, if it's awful, we leave. It is just that my time and appetite are limited....and I hate to waste a bit of either on anything not wonderful! I went while on a trip in High school....moons ago...and it was "super fancy" for a little redneck girl. I guess we shall see what time and miles have done to both me and the two sisters.

      2. Court of Two Sisters is a classic, it is always busy, the food is OK, just OK. My main issue with them is the price, $28+tax+tip (it is a buffet, so not 15% but a couple bucks). I would certainly eat there for free, the courtyard is beautiful to be in even if you just pick at the food. I would be willing to pay about $15 (total under $20).