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Feb 13, 2011 03:02 PM

The Little Kabab Station Mt. Kisco

My husband and myself tried out The Little Kabab Station that recently opened in Mt. Kisco. We tried the Tikka Masala (vegetarian), Korma (vegetarian), Aloo Channa Roll and plain nan. The food was all very good and included rice. It was ready FAST. We called and they told us 10 minutes maximum. Wouldn't have minded more than one of the flat breads they included, but it was free with the meal, so I won't complain. All in all very good food. Nice to have a take-away Indian place in town!

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    1. re: apples

      They are on Main Street across from Cafe of Love - next to the tobacco shop.

      Cafe of Love
      38 E Main St, Mount Kisco, NY 10549

      1. re: TrishNY12

        Good to know..thanks!
        I wonder how that will affect Passage to India?

    2. I went to here yesterday for lunch. I was really looking forward to an Indian place with a $6 - $8 lunch menu, as I find myself in Mt. Kisco a lot around lunch time. The place is quaint, also known as small, with about enough seating for 10 people, I think. It was about 2:30 and there was nobody there. Seeing how they only opened six days prior and didn't really advertise, this seemed expected. I order the paneer saag to go. While I waited they offered me complimentary tea. The two people in the serving rooms were very friendly and really wanted to please. My dish was ready before I finished my tea but they told me to take my time and pay when I was ready. The lunch special came with the paneer saag, a salad of mostly red onion in the Indian way, rice and naan. The rice was pretty plain, which was fine for me because I use the rice to soak up the sauce anyways. The naan was really good. It was soft and tasty. The paneer saag was also good. The paneer was light, yet firm and I really enjoyed the cheese.. The spinach, while good, lacked a little kick. Next time I order the saag I am going to ask for it spicy. I am really looking forward to trying their other dishes and their kebab rolls sound excellent. I will be going back soon, possibly tomorrow. Lets hope this place does a good business. While I was there one other costumer entered and took away four lunches. After talking with the nice man behind the counter, he explained that they were relying on word of mouth rather than advertising, so lets get the word out and make this place a success.

      Lttle Kebab Station
      31 E Main St, Mt Kisco, NY 10549

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        I've eaten here twice in the past week. On the first visit I ordered lamb vindaloo for myself, and a potato/chickpea frankie for my wife. Both were outstanding. The vindaloo was perfectly spiced and the sauce was thick and rich. The frankie was not greasy and ideally seasoned. This weekend we ordered up a few more frankies (lamb, chicken) as well as some kabobs (chicken tikka and lamb patties) - again, top notch. Our kids devoured the chicken tikka, which had a little kick to it. The place is immaculate, the staff friendly and very knowledgeable, and the menu is varied and fairly priced. In short, Little Kabob Station is a huge plus for the neighborhood. I'd encourage any fan of Indian food to check it out.

        1. re: wing king

          I have eaten here literally about three or four times since they opened, either in the small but nicely designed restaurant or delivery. The woman who owns it was a former owner of Bollywood and honestly, this is much better. The chiken malai kebab may be the tastiest
          I've ever had and that includes Bengal Tiger or Jaipore. My wife and son have had the
          paneer kebabs, the shrimp malai kebab and the chicken masala, all agree it's great.
          They have about a haf dozen different nan combinations like paneer and chili. The fruit and
          nut nan actually taste like there's fruit and nut in it, not just a hint. The prices are reasonable
          and the staff couldnt be more helpful. To me this is one of the best additions to Mount Kisco
          in years.

          Bengal Tiger
          140 E Post Rd, White Plains, NY 10601

      2. Recently had their paneer sag and chicken tikka masala lunch specials - both delicious and a great deal. My favorite so far are the frankie rolls. The lamb, paneer, and chicken tikka rolls are awesome. What a great lunch on the go!

        1. Been here three times so far. Shrimp Masala, Basmati Rice, and Garlic Nan. This is a WINNER! It's not that inexpensive but you do get a great sauce that's authentic. Last time I was in, the shrimp got smaller. I suppose it's an effort to save on food costs. Moves like this will damage the credibility and integrity of the restaurant. Sure, it’s small but there is a certain divvy charm. The Nan is always spot on, and the servers are great but local kids. They try hard and I tip well. This is a place to go back to every time the Indian Crave hits you. Hmmm, that might be today!