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Feb 13, 2011 02:00 PM

Breaded Cooking

Hi All,

I find when I cook breaded things (i.e. chicken cutlets) in a frying pan, the first batch turns out nice and golden brown but afterwards it gets uneven or begins to char a bit.

Anyone have any good methods of preventing this?


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  1. clean pan ,start over again , serve first batch or keep warm , maybe in a not to hot oven

    1. My first suspicion is you have your flame too high, as it is burning the breadcrumbs.....

      My method is to use a medium weight fry pan or cast iron skillet over a medium flame...something that will maintain the oil temperature consistent when adding the colder cutlets. After the first couple are done, I drain them on brown paper bags and or.... transfer them to a cooling rack over brown paper. When the second of cutlets are added, it may require to raise the flame a little higher to bring the oil to temperature to produce the sizzle again, as the cooler cutlets drop the temperature in the pan. After the next rounds of pan frying, like scrunge indicated, it may require you to drain the oil and wipe clean the pan with paper towels.

      I prefer to brown the cutlets and finish them in the oven at 250* on the rack and over a sheet pan..hold until ready to assemble for whatever the recipes call for.

      1. I also think your heat is too high. You may not be using enough oil, either. I often use an electric skillet so that I can fry them all at once. Take them off when they are golden brown and finish in the oven.

        If the cutlets are very thick, you will need to finish them in the oven anyway. if you are cooking them in batches use a 200 degree oven to keep them warm. If you are using the oven to finish cooking them a 300 - 350 degree oven will be necessary.

        1. thanks everyone! will give your suggestions a try

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            Cheese in crumbs?can also be a factor with burning