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Feb 13, 2011 12:46 PM

Good lunch options near Metro Pasteur?

I'm going to be doing research near Metro Pasteur on Monday and Tuesday, but don't have enough time to go up to some of the famous Brasseries near Vavin, as I need to get to my place, sit, eat, pay, come back, etc. all in one hour (between 1 and 2)

Any good options near Bd. Pasteur? I've tried a few places on my own in the past, with mediocre results so hoping someone knows of a hidden gem...

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  1. I have eaten lunch at Le Pot au Feu 59, Boulevard Pasteur, seemed full of business types in for the pot au feu, it was OK,( my French hotel keeper says pot au feu is too fine a dish for good restaurant and not fine enough a dish for a fine restaurant). But it was good, the place was full and service was fast.
    other place in the vicinity would be Dix Vin, had a very nice dinner there 3 or so years ago
    funny, I am in Paris now and was thinking about going to both this week.

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      You might want to try Quinze and Epicuriste, two that we have not tried yet, but are on our "to do" list. Both on the pricey side. Good luck.

    2. Isn't Le Bistrot d'Hubert still open? That seems like the obvious answer. Also, get pastry and quiche and bread from Des Gateaux et du Pains and/or Pierre Hermé. I like l'Antre-Amis a lot but it might be a bit too far (less than 10 min away, though), if you only have one hour.

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        Sadly, Le Bistro d'Hubert is no more; check out Dr. T's review of L'Epicuriste.