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Feb 13, 2011 12:00 PM

Mina Cucina - updated menu please

We loved Mina Cucina the first 20 or so times we went but now we are a bit reluctant to return. They never vary their regular menu. True, there are some specials (overly expensive for the locale) but the standard fare has become stagnant. Once they had arancini as an appetizer special. Despite requesting it by phone and in person several times, it has never to my knowledge reappeared. I especially wish they would add or change some of the pasta dishes. While I love their pappardelle bolognese, I'm getting a little tired of it. Does anyone else feel the same? If they had a new menu, we would be back much sooner.

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  1. Good customers who knows their way around the food being served should be exactly the persons a restaurant values. At 20 + visits you shouild be considered La Familia and deserving of additional consideration or at least a few new menu items which all regulars would enjoy.

    The specials game always annoys me as they are most often the more expensive menu choices and not that special except for the higher price. If they can make specials they can add new items to the regular menu occasionally. IMHO

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      1. Actually, we were there last Wednesday and they had a delicious looking lasagna special. I would have ordered it but it was Ash Wednesday. I also read that they recently had bronzino. Yum!

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          My friend had the bronzino on Friday night - just the head, tail and bones left. He said it was very good!