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Feb 13, 2011 10:43 AM

Why didn't we get this green instead of the Fennel?

This is a much prettier green than Fennel. It's available in Asia. Not sure of the name but much nicer than the almost solid Xmas green we just got. Not crazy about any of the new colors they have released lately including Truffle, Cassis, Ocean or the Fennel. Maybe it's just as well as I have more than enough LC :-).

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  1. They don't look that different.


    Possibly they are the same color with different lighting.

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    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

      The photos of the Fennel online look nothing like the real thing. The Fennel wasn't that shaded and is a standard green. I was surprised when I saw it in person. Just a nondescript basic green. This green is more shaded and definitely more interesting.

      Here's another photo of that Asian green. Look at those other two pretty colors we didn't get either.

      1. re: blondelle

        Oh ok. I will have to check out in the stores then. Thanks.

        1. re: blondelle

          The Japanese green is called Rosemary. From the pictures, they do look similar, with the Rosemary being more gradient than the Fennel (which I still haven't seen--SLT is in an inconvenient part of town for me).

          1. re: blondelle

            Wow, I love that Japanese coral color shown with the Rosemary. I would definitely buy that to go with my cherry and flame!

        2. Oh, I don't know. I think Fennel is the prettiest color LC has come up with in a long, long time. Maybe it's their prettiest color of all. Certainly way up there.

          What I've never liked is that garish orange and those Carribbean colors they came up with recently. Made me really apprehensive when they announced that they had new things but I like the fennel and the truffle. Not crazy about the cassis.

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          1. re: rainey

            Come to think of it, you think Le Creuset will eventually run out of interesting colors. I wonder if they would ever consider a mix of color, like pattern. Maybe a red and green pattern for Christmas or red, white and blue for flags, or black and white....

            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

              What about a stainless steel/silver metallic colour, a brass/gold metallic colour, or a bone-china white colour to match decors using any of those tones?

              1. re: sunrider

                I think they did have a silver metallic color, but I don't know if there is a gold color.

                1. re: sunrider

                  Staub has one called Titanium, can be seen here:
                  I suppose if you can have the car repair people do your stove and refrigerator, they could do a Dutch oven or two!

            2. LC is just plain silly with there colors now a days. They must of hired some jerky interior decorator to keep up with the latest colors that are hot. Mean while screwing everyone else that bought one of there ovens in a color they like when they wanna go back and get another piece in the same color.

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              1. re: MOSFET

                I get your point about not being able to find replacements years down the line, but I'm basically glad for all the colors. When I bought my first set in 1979, my choices were flame, yellow, and brown, my three least favorite colors.

                I wish they'd do more solid colors instead of the gradients, but I guess since flame is their original color, gradients are more in keeping with the original design.

                1. re: Jay F

                  I agree about the different colors and there are many practical reasons too besides getting to enjoy several of the pretty colors. You don't have to worry about pieces matching as there are lots of variation in even the same color. You don't have to worry about 'your' color being discontinued, and if a new color comes out that you absolutely love, you can add that too, without it being being the lone one. Even if you have all your pieces, if one becomes damaged, Le Creuset might not have it any longer to replace that piece for you, years from now.

                  You can also get tired of that one color, where with lots of colors that won't happen.There's no reason for different pieces of enameled cast iron to match. Actually even dinnerware doesn't have to match. How fun to have settings of thrift store dinnerware with pieces having different floral patterns. Also fun to have place settings with different colors all in the same line of dinnerware, or to mix glass pieces with stoneware, or to mix pieces from your sets.

                  More fun to mix it up! Designers don't do bedroom or dining room sets, so why do we need sets of anything?

                2. re: MOSFET

                  LC has enough numbers of attractive colors for me to choose.

                  I don't necessarily want all pieces in the exact same color because LC DOs are neither dinnerware nor flatware which are supposed to be same or match. I just enjoy having different colors I like.

                  1. re: hobbybaker

                    They certianly have enough colors to please just about anyone. However some people are wired to match and others aren't. I, for example, wear shoes that match on each foot, one is simplly the mirror image of the other, while on the other hand, some celeberties I've seen on ET recently, have opted for shoes that are not mirror images of each other, not even the same color. Extreme exasmple, I understand, but my point is that even though your French Ovens don't need to match, some people are matchers and other like variety of colors. I'm reasonably certian this is a genetic trait, my Mother was a matcher, my instinct is to be a matcher and I have to work very hard to overcome that. It may be a right brain, left brian thing, I'm completely content with things that match, I know many other poeple that are great at mix and match, a confetti of color, that's typically out of my comfort zone. Not that I'm against it, it's just not my comfort zone, actually I envy those with the talent and ability to pull it off. The engineer in me just makes it difficult to do.

                3. I love that Japanese shade, Rosemary. It's far prettier than the Fennel, in my humble opinion.

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                  1. re: ProfessorBear

                    Plus one, P-Bear. Hope to see it in Grove City.

                    1. re: Jay F

                      I'm told Cassis is coming soon to GC!

                      1. re: ProfessorBear

                        I don't like cassis as much, but good for everybody who does, right?

                        1. re: Jay F

                          It's not much of a match for all of my red, but it does look very pretty with the fennel green color. Maybe a little too Barney, but oh well.

                          1. re: ProfessorBear

                            I would prefer a deep purple with green, something like Fiestaware Plum. As for Barney, I'm just going to assume you mean the character played by Neil Patrick Harris, who would look oh so nice with Fennel or Rosemary LC.

                            1. re: Jay F

                              I believe, the reference is to Barney the Purple dinasour cartoon charictor.

                              1. re: mikie

                                I know. I was joking. I guess it wasn't that funny.

                  2. Just out of curiosity, I wandered around Amazon Japan and LC Japan. If anybody is interested, it seems that the available colors are:

                    antique rose
                    cherry red
                    cobalt blue
                    dijon yellow
                    fresh green
                    orange (flame)
                    orange blossom
                    shiny black

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                    1. re: tanuki soup

                      Better picture of wasabi -- it actually is vaguely wasabi color:

                        1. re: tanuki soup

                          I like (but don't own) the LC kiwi color, but I was recently in one of the LC outlets and many of the kiwi items looked similar to the "fresh green" above--a wider gradation from very light green to the more vibrant apple green. At the time I figured maybe they were seconds, but now I wonder if it was actually fresh green instead of kiwi--or maybe there's just more natural variation than I realized.

                          Wasabi, to me, just looks faded.