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Bahn Mi in South Austin?

I'm looking for good Bahn Mi in South Austin. Lulu B's doesn't count. I'm talking on the order of Tam or Tahn Mi. The real stuff that's also cheap. Any suggestions?

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  1. T&N cafe at william cannon and 71 is pretty good

    T&N Cafe
    6705 US Highway 290 W, Oak Hill, TX 78735

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      1. re: TroyTempest

        never had Tam, but i agree about T&N having good sandwiches.

        T&N Cafe
        6705 US Highway 290 W, Oak Hill, TX 78735

        1. re: NirvRush

          i 4th t&n ... great stuff. rivals tam, but tam still wins.

    1. Sorely lacking in South Austin, and I've been looking. Not sure it will live up to the standard you've described, which is the appropriate standard, but a new VN joint is going in the old Bouldin Creek space.

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        Yeah, no offense to the owners of that new place, but I'm not paying $5-8 for Bahn Mi and I think I remember them saying Pho would be around $8-10. Overpriced Vietnamese food made not made by Vietnamese people? No thank you, I'll continue to drive north!

        1. re: foodiegal71

          That sucks. Reminds me of Triumph Cafe (are they even still there?) We need banh mi down south. And no, Lulu B's doesn't count at all. And the Y is not on my beaten path (bus stops are too far away from most of the shopping centers there).

          I am a banh mi junkie who used to live in San Jose.

      2. I've gotta say - I've had a ton of great banh mis around the country, and despite the fact that they don't have pate or head cheese as a meat option (which I'd like), Lulu B's holds up pretty strong in my opinion. Not good enough for ya?

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          No, I'm afraid not really. I'd put them in the third tier in Austin. They're okay.

          Everything they have is a just a little bit off. Either disappointing from a flavor standpoint, or slightly overpriced. Close, but no cigar.

          It might do in a pinch, but in my opinion is not what the poster is looking for. Currently, this is something you have to go north of the river to get (hell, north of 183).

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            No, I really don't think Lulu B's is worth the wait or the price. And I agree with puddles that everything is just a little bit off.

          2. Sardine would be good too. I'm still not complaining though, cos it beats the hell out of driving up to Baguette House.

            Baguette House & Cafe
            10901 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78753

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              OK, I'll bite: What is "Sardine"


              1. re: sqwertz

                I just posted about the new Banh Mi place that came up earlier in this thread, so I thought I'd revisit this old one and realized I missed this question. A lot of Vietnamese places I've been to in New York have Sardines as a filling option alongside the usual pate, grilled pork, etc. Damn good, too.

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                  OK, I thought it was the name of a restaurant. I'm too familiar with sardines (I prefer smoked sprats ;-) And did you try the place on Slaughter/United Kingdom? I haven't been there yet and I don't see any other recent post to this thread...


            2. Not south at all, but Pho Van takes my vote for awesome Bahn Mi.

              Pho Van
              8557 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78758

              1. Try Bahn-Bahn. My friends have been telling me about this place. They just opened up a few weeks ago and have been selling out. I haven't tried it yet but I will as soon as I'm back around that area again.

                415 Jessie St
                Austin, TX 78704


                1. Despite the fact that some people have been skeptical on here, Elizabeth St. is good, in my opinion. It might be more expensive than some places in town, but only by a couple bucks. They have a nice variety of fillings, too (certainly more than Lulu B's), though I always tend to opt for the No.20 House Specialty: Chicken Liver Mousse, Pork Pâté, Roasted Pork.

                  Tam's still the best place in town in my opinion, but if you're down south, check out Elizabeth. They also do to-go now. If the price issue bugs you, just think about the gas money you'd spend driving to Tam. Probably would even it out.

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                  1. re: popvulture

                    Also, just decided to look up "Bahn Bahn" online to see if I could find a menu, but according to Yelp, it closed. Kind of a bummer since I'm always interested in trying new places, but then again it makes sense that a place that spelled its main product (and name) wrong shut down.

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                      i don't think they are closed, i got an email from the owner a few days ago asking me to add it to my website.

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                        Ah, yeah you're right... Google brings up two yelp pages, one of which says they're closed, one open. I'll have to go check it out. Still think the spelling's kinda goofy though.

                        1. re: popvulture

                          Or maybe the Yelpers spelled it wrong, haha. I'm oddly intrigued now.

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                            It was open as of this past Thursday, had a great Bhan Mi, and a noodle bowl, really fresh, and a good size, order with an egg on top. Owners were wonderful.

                  2. Elizabeth St. Cafe on South First, hands down. Everytime I've gone to Lulu B's they've been closed

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                      I'm going to have to try Elizabeth St. Cafe. Menu looks great. But $12 - $22 for pho?

                      1. re: Chicago Wine Geek

                        I really like Elizabeth St. It's more expensive because it's "fancified" Vietnamese. They've got hip looking staff (who are all very nice, in my experience), hot location, Stumptown coffee, Kronenbourg on tap, very stylish decor... definitely a lot of yuppie hallmarks.

                        I'm not saying those are bad things, although they would be if the food didn't stand up alongside of them. The good news is that the food is very tasty; I've never had a bad thing there. Plus, they have some interesting things on the menu that don't pop up at some of the longtime Austin classic places (spring rolls w crab, fresno chiles and tarragon for example, and I once had a soft shell crab banh mi special that was very, very good).

                        I love Tam Deli and Sunflower, but they're a little out of the way for some people and can be a bit grungy. That's not a criticism either... sometimes you want authentic and grungy, and sometime you want something different.

                    2. If you haven't tried the delicious Pork Belly Banh Mi from The Peached Tortilla food truck I highly recommend it. I know you're looking for more original styles but the version at Toasties Subs on Lamar & Riverside is mighty tasty too. They make theirs with pulled pork.

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                        I'm lucky that we get a food truck in our parking lot each workday. The Pork Belly Bahn Mi is excellent. Peached has several other items that are equally awesome.