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Feb 13, 2011 09:03 AM

The Butchers - Big Money Meat


The Butchers has had a whole lot of groupon-like deals as of late. Their most recent is $50 for $150 worth of meat ( To date, they've sold over 1500 of these coupons at webpiggy, so in effect they are selling meat here for which they would have normally taken in $225k, but they are going to get paid maybe $50k at most (since webpiggy probably takes a huge cut of the 75k). This seems to support my opinion that prices there are wildly over-inflated - how else can you do so many deals like this?

I've participated in previous deals there (teamsave I think) and I was blown away by the high prices (and I often shop at Whole Foods). I had bought a coupon which allowed me to buy meat at 1/2 price, but even at 1/2 price I was shocked, for example I bought 12 sausages, and 2 pounds of beef short ribs, the total came to about $70 (cost me about $35 with the deal). Just wondering if anyone else feels the same or if I am missing something? Are there any chowhounders who pay full price there, and if so, what is the draw?

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    the company is loosing money, and is doing anything to get some money quick. Lots of cash up front from customers allows them to pay of debts a lot faster. While they might be selling the meat at a loss (or for very little profit) they are hopping that everyone who bought a coupon doesn't show up on the same day asking to redeem one.

    Their 2nd location was a complete flop, and they are getting hooked on these 'get money quick' sites.

    This all said the prices on meat varies across the city. I think bruno's meat per 1/lb might be some of the best (found out when I was looking for some standing rib roast last year), but you wont get the dry aged steaks from other butcher that will charge 3x as much.... little tip tho. Bruno's will let you buy the meat, and they will hang it for you in their room for 21days (at no cost) you will just loose the water weight from the original purchase weight. Then again maybe they only do this for a few customers (get on their good side and ask next time your there)

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      The 2nd location does not appear in the web site now. Is it not opened yet?

    2. Folks, there's an existing, active thread discussing The Butchers and their deals, so we're going to lock this thread in deference to that one: