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Feb 13, 2011 08:09 AM

Cafe Kashkar: Uyghur in Brighton Beach

Been the subject of a long discourse (some contributed by me as well) here

As part of a project on Islam I went back to Cafe Kashkar with a group of four, including a friend who has spent extensive time in China working for Uyghur rights.

The food was better than last time I had gone (06), the only disappointment was the bread, everything else was wonderful.

My friend, in consultation with the owner, choose the dishes; We had the eggplant appetizer (ok, but not great), Manty (Lamb Dumplings, good) the Shurpa Soup (very good), the Geiro Lagman (lamb and veg over noodles, very good) and then Lamb and Lamb ribs Kebabs (amazing).

Everything was fresh, nicely spiced, and just plain good. The bill, with Green tea, was something like thirty five dollars, which is silly cheap for what we ate. I am told that the Lamb Kebabs are fast becoming late night street food in the large Chinese cities. I can see why, they where so damn good.

The owner himself is Uzbek, but the cook and cook/waiter are Uyghurs. Here is a picture of the cook/waiter

We went in afternoon, and had the place to ourselves. The owner was super friendly and even steered us away from some dishes that he said where not good.

All in all a great experience and for me, education.

Cafe Kashkar
1141 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

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  1. Went there yesterday for a late lunch for 2...langsai salad and lamb samsa and lamb ribs were wonderful...manty (4 large dumplings) and chicken kebabs were fine...all the above plus a bottle of Georgian water came to 28 dollars + tip...a little gem of a place...

    1. I've been a few times, but the shashlik aren't good and the bread is usually stale.

      That said, I'm a fan of their eggplant salad.

      1. Its all about the Lagman stuff for me. Lagman soup and Lagman Geiro that I must have each time. The kebabs are normally quite juicy. One of my favorite cheap Brooklyn cheap gems

        1. Whenever I'm there, I always get the suoman (chopped up pieces of flat noodles) and kebabs. The lagman don't have that same bouncy chew that they had in Xinjiang, but I haven't found a single place outside of China that can make them like that. Still a great place.

          1. Serendipity: l've been meaning to try this place for a while, and since l'm at my country estate in Bensonhurst at the moment, thought l might head out and give it a try today for brunch. l came here to do a search on it, and this was right on the first page!

            lf anyone's in the area and would like to join me, l'll probably be there around 1pm.