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Feb 13, 2011 07:46 AM

Why does the first batch of pancakes never brown evenly?

Every single time. No matter the pan, batter, stove, altitude, etc, the first batch comes out white with pocked brown spots but the subsequent batches are brown all over. How come??

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  1. I always thought it was the Universe's way of making sure that your dog had a nice breakfast too.

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    1. LOL at sedimental. I think it's because the pan is not usually hot enough. At least for me, I know that I'm sometimes impatient and want to start them right away instead of waiting for the skillet to heat up. Try putting the skillet on the heat while you mix the batter (or even while you're making the coffee and mixing the batter) so that the first pancakes get as hot a pan as all the other pancakes.

      1. I think chefmatician is right. Impatience is the enemy of well-browned pancakes. I recently made a batch of pancakes, and I was going to try a couple after everyone had eaten. I left them on the second side on the very hot griddle longer than I usually do, and when I ate them --- oh my! There was a little crispiness that was fantastic! I am definitely going to stop being impatient and going to leave those babies on a little bit longer. Definitely worth the wait.

        1. Are you using a nonstick pan? Any fats on said pan? If you use a nonstick pan/griddle - don't use any fats (butter, oil, etc), just drop the batter on the hot surface.

          1. I have the opposite problem. I use a cast iron grill/griddle, the first ones turn out a beautiful golden brown. After that the others are very different, some too dark, some not dark enough. I'm sure I just get busy and don't pay attention like I should. But I like that I don't have to work around an edge of a pan and I can fit 3 small pancakes on the tray. I've never botched any so bad that they were far.