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Mass Ave--Not a Place to Dine if You Are in a Rush

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Tried out Mass Ave on Friday night, which is where Match used to be on, that's right, Mass Ave. We had a reservation for four at 7:30 and were seated promptly. The bar area was fairly busy, but the tables were maybe half-full at that point. We ordered a round of cocktails that were well-mixed and priced from $9-$12 (high marks for the pomp and circumstance). Around 7:45 we put in an order for a handful of snacks, including the tater tots, the kobe sliders, the cheese fondue and some rosemary and truffle frites. While waiting for the food we were given grilled sliced of sourdough with a ricotta and pesto spread that was fairly tasty but nothing outrageous. We ordered glasses of wine while waiting and then continued to wait. And wait. And wait.

At 8:30, the server came by and said, would you like to order anything else? We replied, well, we'd like our original order to come out, if possible. She replied that the fondue can take a long time but that it should be out soon. The tater tots came out first at about 8:40 piping hot, and this is obviously an item that is pre-made and fried to order, so why it took nearly an hour to fire them was beyond us. The sliders, fries and fondue came within the next five to ten minutes, and the high point was probably the kobe sliders with the quail egg. Everything came out extremely hot, so it was pretty clear that none of the food had been started for a while after the order went in. Another few glasses of wine had been ordered by the table in the meantime, and when the bill finally came we looked it over and discovered that while we had consumed 1 glass of more expensive wine and 3 glasses of less expensive wine, the numbers had been reversed and so we were overcharged by about $15. We couldn't find our server for a bit and we were looking to leave, so I brought it over to the manager at the hostess station to ask her about it, and she listened and then apologized and took an entire round of drinks off the bill, which was surprising and much-appreciated.

Overall, the food was tasty enough, and the wines by the glass and cocktails were an interesting selection, but the lag in getting the food out put a damper on the night. I'm hoping that it is something they will get ironed out as they are open longer and the kitchen staff becomes more familiar with the menu. I'll give Mass Ave another try in a month or two because it would be great to have a decent snack-and-a-drink spot near Newbury, and I hope that they have these issues resolved soon.

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  1. Oof, I really hate those kind of "accidental" billing errors. Could be an honest mistake, but it often feels otherwise. I think it's harder to get away with clip-joint tactics in the era of Chowhound.


    1. They need to bring back Newbury Steak House

      1. Head further on down to road to Parish Cafe... That's my favorite Mass Ave spot. Best sandwiches in Boston and a great beer selection. I recommend the Zunni Roll... mmmmmmmm

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          I like the Parish, too, but you'll get a lot of dissent here on the notion that it has the best sandwiches in town, like here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/723193 I think the Parish's sandwiches are good, but not a great value.


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            noted... I'll definitely have to check out some of those other spots!

        2. Sounds like a rookie server forgot to put your order in, lost track of your meal progression, and messed up ringing in your order. FWIW, unless this was a handwritten check you probably got the more expensive wines as I can't figure out how the service bar would get a different drink ticket than your bill unless the server and bartender were in this together. Instead of blaming the boh for "fondue taking a long time" Server F-Up should have admitted the mistake, bought you a round of drinks, and had your apps flying out of the kitchen.