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Feb 13, 2011 06:09 AM

Tanzy - Scottsdale Quarter

This report is from the Mrs Dapuma :)

"This would be a great place for drinks, if the drinks were good"

The place is very cool inside, great decor and layout - so visually a winner

They had a girls night out with reservations for 8PM. They got seated at 8:40 - so service is down one right there. GM comped one round of drinks for the wait.

Of the 3 drinks they had, one was sent back Tanzy Fizz "aka the black eww", one was average at best (ginger sangria), and one was very good (ipic martini)

Foodwise, they ordered the:

scallops - which were ok (you did get 5 versus 3), the puree was overly sweet and inedible, the mushrooms were pretty good.

swordfish - which was the one item everyone agreed to order again

shrimp puttanesca - she didn't try it

Overall opinion of the 3 girls was not to go back

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  1. Do you mean the Scottsdale Quarter? I'm not familiar w/ the Scottsdale Corridor.

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      Yes if some could fix that please :)