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Feb 13, 2011 06:07 AM

HELP! Need Rijsttafel dish idea...

A friend of mine is throwing a Rijsttafel potluck tonight (snuck up on me!) and I need to come up with a dish to bring. The only rule is that it must be something that goes well with rice (which she's making,) but doesn't need to be indonesian or indian. Most people are bringing something curried so I'm trying to stay away from that... I was leaning towards something latin, but most latin dishes call for the rice to be spiced or specially prepared, which won't work. There are SO many good asian dishes, but many require somewhat obscure ingredients that I won't be able to acquire by tonight...

After a long week of work I'm totally drawing a blank- any ideas?!

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  1. Good luck. The difficulty your friend has placed everyone in is that rijstaffel isnt a throw-together collection of dishes but a menu crafted so that one dish plays against another. If everyone is going with a curry type dish (which means it's probably all going to be a bit samey), then go for something completely different. Something not highly spiced and, perhaps, dry rather than in a sauce - but make sure it gets eaten first or no-one will be able to taste your efforts. Maybe just some chicken or prawn skewers marinated in whatever you do have to hand.

    1. You could make perkedel, potato fritters. They make a nice change from the saucier dishes. Gado-gado has pretty straight forward ingredients that should be available anywhere. The green bean and cucumber salad is nice as a change from the spicy stuff, too.

      1. a Latin take on Gai Yang? or tofu tots ? (cube, pat dry, roll in corn starch and fry, add peanut sauce or something)

        Harters: I like your skewer suggestion, but I think Riijstaffel is a great potluck idea, sort of let's all jump in a car with bald tires, bad brakes and go for a ride on the ice!

        could be a lot of fun or we could all end up dead!

        you can never really plan a potluck in the first place.

        1. It was only a Rijsttafel in the true sense that it meant "with rice." I ended up making a chicken adobo...on the menu were curry chickpeas, some sort of roasted cauliflower, a Moqueca (brazilian fish stew,) cabbage sambal, and some sort of veggie dish with brown sauce that is apparently of a polish background.

          Totally nontraditional but delicious!

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            I would not only dive in, but wrap myself in the tablecloth and have to be forcibly removed. (sorry! I'm generally a good guest. honest)