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Feb 13, 2011 05:51 AM

Oye's Restaurant & Bar, Reading, MA?

Has anyone had the sushi at Oye's in Reading?

I know it's close to Sushi Island in Wakefield and I'm wondering if this is a good option for sushi in that area.

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  1. We've only eaten there once, and had a few Polynesian/Chinese dishes and sushi rolls. It was all just OK. A good non-chain option in that immediate complex, but nothing to go out of your way for.

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    1. re: Eatin in Woostah

      Thank you.

      It's sort of what I thought and I noticed a lot of mixed reviews on Yelp and nothing here.

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        Oye's does something that may be worth trying. Monday-Friday afternoons, they have half price appetizers and $1 oysters. Sushi Island may set the standard here, but Oye's is very good. They are always busy and it's interesting to note that they are owned by the same people as Sato II in Stoneham, which always has been reviewed well.

        They have "Hamachi Kama" as an appetizer. It was new to me and it's essentially the broiled collar of yellow tail tuna. Unbelievable flavor.

        Sato II Restaurant
        147 Main St, Stoneham, MA 02180

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          Thanks...I don't get that way often during the weekdays but the price of the "Hamachi Kama" on the menu is worth me stopping by to check it out.
          I hope to check it out soon.

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            just had the 1/2 price apps and they were really excellent! For 16$ we had shrimp tempura (3 hrimp with onions,peppers, taro, sweet potato,greenbeans), agedashi tofu, shumai, crab rangoon, spinach peking dumplings.Best shrimp shumai i ever had and all the dipping sauces were good too. Nice jazz on the speakers. Very good afternoon eating experience.

    2. Some of my family have gluten allergies and we went there since they have a lot of gluten-free options. I had the (non-gluten-free) Crispy Flounder Fillet in Spicy Szechuan Sauce was quite good. The sauce was pretty much an entire order of ma po tofu on the fried fish. That's a good thing.

      1. I stopped by for lunch today and the interior was nice but the quality of the food from the lunch menu was just average at best. The hot and sour soup wasn't really either. The very plain chicken wing was 10 minutes late and the szichuan spicy chicken was more like a Kung Pao chicken with peanuts and an enormous amount of celery in your typical brown sauce. Despite the nice looking chillies it lacked heat. It was very salty. Service was good and the enormous sushi bar was doing a brisk business at lunchtime.


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          hi Ferrari, did you ever end up trying Bamboo House in Wakefield? they are very accommodating so you could probably get anything spiced the way you prefer it..

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            No I didn't. Do they have a dish that's worth ordering?

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              hi, sorry I didn't see your post! We like the salmon with veggies, but its very plain with white/clear sauce with a bit of garlic and sesame oil and I know you like spicy. Also like the egg fu yung its big and juicy and in a flour based mildly peanutty sauce vs the usual cornstarch glop and the shrimp that's coated, forgot the name but its kind of gau style and lists as spicy altho we get it mild. A lot of big crispy coated shrimp and broccoli. I saw someone here liked the spicy chau shu dumplings. I would guess whatever you usually like would be the best to try since I am guessing everything is fresher and tastier than most local standard Chinese. We usually get the dinner specials from 7 to 9 bucks depending on how many apps you want..