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Feb 13, 2011 12:50 AM

Bulk Barn Opening Soon in Calgary

Looks like there will be a Bulk Barn opening soon in NE Calgary. I happen to be perusing their website and stumbled across the address. According to the Bulk Barn website, looks like they will be opening in March 2011.

Bulk Barn
Horizon Square
3508 32nd Avenue North East
Calgary, Alberta
T1Y 6J2

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        1. I have heard a lot about Bulk Barn but I have never been to one. What do they offer? Do they have spices?

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          1. re: josey124

            Yes, they do offer spices as well. I went to the one in Edmonton a while back. It's interesting to see what they carry.

            Here are some images:


            1. re: worldwidestuff

              Great! Thanks for the link. Now I am totally looking forward to it too!

              1. re: josey124

                ditto ,i was in the one in Winnipeg ,its a cool place ,lots of different stuff.calgary was waiting for this place(i foresee it being really busy the first while so i probable wont be able to get in untill sometime in 2012 lol)

          2. Great! Now I won't have to make special trips while I'm in Edmonton.

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              1. re: howlin

                It's really interesting. I found the staff to be very helpful about specific questions re. ingredients that may not be posted on display labels.

                A great product mix and very clean.

                1. re: howlin

                  Ohh Which one there are 3 in Edmonton?

                    1. re: Budca

                      last i heard there was only one ,times change i guess ,and what are you northerners doing with 3 when we dont have one?

                      1. re: howlin

                        I have only been to one in south common and the one on whyte ave both are good. Ohh also they have one in leduc as well.