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Feb 13, 2011 12:43 AM

Wine Tour Madrid


I'm not sure why we didn't think of this sooner but we are wrapping up a two week trip to spain in madrid at the end of the week (Fly out Sat). We will probably have an extra day and were thinking of doing a wine/food tour (we have eaten wonderfully thanks to this board).

I was wondering if anyone had any recs for such a tour. It can either be a day trip outside the city of something within the city. We don't have to visit a winery (we live in Northern CA) but aren't oppossed either. We've loved the wines we've drunk and would appreciate a singular experience to compare and contrast the spanish wines.


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  1. "Taberneros" at Calle santiago 9. The best of this tavern is their extraordinary wine selection: a cellar with more than 300 references (national, international, red, white, sparkling…). They are mainly innovative wines that you can pair with delicious and quite innovative snacks.

    "Mercado de San Miguel", the new deli room next to the Plaza Mayor. Pinkleton & Wines is a good option.

    "Según Emma" at Conde de Miranda 4. Good wines & tapas. Recs: salmorejo (gazpacho thickered with bread), papas con mojo (unpeeled potatoes with a sauce from the Canary Islands), carrilleras (pork cheeks stew).

    "Bodegas Ricla" at Calle Cuchilleros 6. A classical tavern in old Madrid. Try the typical 'vermut de grifo' (sweet vermouth from the tap) washed down with a 'canapé de bacalao' (codfish in olive oil).

    "Orixe" at Calle Cava Baja 17. Wines from Galicia. IMO, better at the counter than a table. Try a white wine called 'Rias Baixas' washed down with "tortilla" or "empanada".

    "Matritum" at Cava Alta 17. Behind its traditional red wood facade, the rustic but elegant ambience decorated in warm colours will make you feel very comfortable. Wine selection with more than 250 references to pair with grilled foie or the canapé Matritum, wild mushrooms and meat.

    "Casa Lucas" at Cava Baja 30. Small venue with good wines and creative tapas.

    "Txirimiri" at Calle del Humilladero 6. Basque tapas washed down with 'crianza' from Rioja.

    "Juanalaloca" at Plaza Puerta de Moros 4. More Basque 'pintxos' (tapas) and wine. Try the 'pincho de tortilla' cooked with caramelized onion.

    "Almendro 13" at Calle del Almendro. Atmospheric taberna always overcrowded. Don't expect to drink coke or red wine, try the Barbadillo white wine.

    "La Venencia" at Calle Echegaray 7, near Plaza Santa Ana. This sherry bar is a venue not to miss, named after a long narrow tool used to sample wines through a small opening in sherry butts (casks). It is also commonly known as a wine thief. You have five different styles of sherry to choose from: oloroso, fino, manzanilla, and a few personal creations from the bar. Additionally, you can order from a small selection of “tapas” such as cheese, olives or cured ham.

    1. Another great spot for wine is Vinoteca Vino Gula. It's a bit off the beaten path, though just a 15 minute walk from La Latina/Tirso de Molina (right next to the Acacias metro stop) and falls under the category of "taberna ilustrada"--a sort of homey neighborhood mom and pop bar with a particularly good wine selection. They arrange tastings, and will set something special up for you if you call ahead. The food is also great--comfort food like peppers stuffed with wild mushrooms, secreto ibérico--all with primo ingredients. Throughout the year they do special tasting events for wild mushrooms and other seasonal ingredient-oriented meals.

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        Thanks for the tip...We like the idea of a tasting as opposed to a simple wine bar - we've informally been doing that the past week and a half with great success!

        The place we buy wine from in CA mentioned the stuff Spain exports to the US is different from what they sell here (sweeter for the US palet) and we've found that to be the case - you keep the good stuff for yourselves!


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          You might be interested in Lavinia (Calle Ortega y Gasset 16). Read the paragraph "Top tipples with a table" in this "THE GLOBAL GOURMET" report.