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Feb 12, 2011 07:50 PM

Growing organic in Bend Oregon

My father lives on twenty acres of pastureland in Tumalo Oregon. The farm recieved its fair share of nitrogen boosts over the years, thanks to numerous farm animals fertilizing the soil over its seventy year lifespan. Being one of the very first homesteads in the area, the farm was doused with bovine and sheep fertilizer for decades up until about two years ago when everyone retired and forgot about farming.

I would like to carry on the torch in a different manner; growing vegetables for my restaurant and learning how to maintain a proper garden in one of the healthiest soil environments around. I am in the juvenile stages of developing knowledge about Central Oregon's micro-climates, temperature variations, and growing conditions. I know that tomato's and carrots can be grown here, along with cucumbers, lettuce and various herbs. Does anybody have any inside information on how to properly grow and maintain, germinate and harvest such vegetables and herbs in Bend, OR.?

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