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Feb 12, 2011 06:58 PM

chez carla in FIDI

Does anyone know what happened to chez carla? They had yummy buffets, sandwiches, soups and salads.

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  1. I read on Yelp that the owners (brothers) were not getting along and when their lease came up for renewal, they decided to close up shop. Some of the staff moved onto Bindi and it looks like they have the same menu. Some of the owners must own Bindi as well.

    This is a shame since they had a great following.

    1. Very, very sorry to read this. I have been going there once or twice a week for the past couple of years. Excellent beef stew on the hot buffet daily and the tamale pie special on Thursday's was a favorite. It looked like their business was very good.

      Where is Bindi located?

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      1. re: DavidT

        28 2nd St
        (between Market St & Stevenson St)
        San Francisco, CA 94105
        (415) 369-9383

        If you look at their website, they sell the same sandwiches (right down to the names).