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Feb 12, 2011 04:44 PM

Ai Fiore menu question

OK, likely a stupid questions here, but bear with me; I am going to Ai Fiore on Friday, planning on the 4 course prix fixe. Underneath that, it states "Cominciare/pasta or risotto/pesce or carne/dolce". What the hell are they talking about? I assume the prix fixe is 1) cominciare 2)pasta or risotto 3)pesce or carne 4)dolce.

Am I missing something???

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  1. Yes, it does look a bit ambiguous, but I'm sure you have it exactly right.

    1. We were at Ai Fiori a week ago Saturday. I didn't have a problem understanding that listing since each course is separated from the next by a backslash. So, I'm not sure why it confused you, but you did get it right.

      We had the 4-course prix-fixe, and everything was superb! I was a bit apprehensive that the pasta serving would be too big (Mr. R. and I usually split a pasta as a starter), but we each chose different pastas and both were sized exactly right, i.e., tasting size portions. Service was tops, and the atmospherics are lovely.

      Ai Fiori photos:

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        How would you compare it to Convivio? I know the style is different, and of course there may be changes coming at Convivio with the new chef, but in terms of food quality, was it worth the extra cost?

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          As you say, very different styles -- so, like apples and oranges. I've characterized Ai Fiori's cuisine as Frenchified Italian. Superb! And don't forget that you are also paying for more polished service and a much more luxurious setting. For me, totally worth it!

          And, yes, with the new chef at Convivio will come a new menu.

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            Sounds good. I will put it on the "must try" list.

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              We have reservations at Ai Fiori on the 21st and I was wondering if any of you can recommend any of the fish entrees, other than the lobster (which is definitely a contender). Also, I just noticed that they raised the price of the 4-course prix fixe to $84. Thanks

              Ai Fiori
              400 5th Ave, New York, NY 10018

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                Interesting about the $5 price increase. Also, they've *finally* updated the on-line menu.

                I've had the lobster. Though it was very good, I felt it didn't quite live up to all the raves. The only other fish main course I've tasted was the Holland Dover sole, which one of our dining companions ordered. I thought it was excellent.

                You can see the sole and lobster in this set of Ai Fiori photos:


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                  RGR, were the wines you enjoyed part of a wine tasting or did you choose them yourself? They were great choices. The sole looks great but I'm not sure I want to have the $14 upcharge - especially since the foie gras app is also an upcharge and the lobster risotto is also an upcharge - both of which I'm leaning toward.

                  I wanted fish, but with the lack of fish recommendations, I may go with meat.


                  1. re: tlubow

                    I don't drink, but my husband loves wine. He likes doing wine pairings and leaves it to the sommelier to make the appropriate selections.

                    It is not unusual for restaurants to have surcharges for foie gras and Dover sole. For example, La Grenouille's dinner prix-fixe is $98, and the surcharge for the Dover sole is $14.50.