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Feb 12, 2011 03:57 PM

Chinese Restaurant Mustard

I love the little packets of Chinese mustard that accompany my Chinese delivery. I'm sure there are also brands and types I can buy. However, I'm wondering if people have used or have ideas on how to incorporate these in my home cooking. Maybe something a bit healthier than using it to dip fried food in. Thoughts???

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  1. You can make it by just combining Colman's dry mustard powder with some water.

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    1. re: paulj

      my reaction exactly, easy as... well I'll keep it clean.

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        I would do the same with the Colman's but, if you prefer, Penzeys has an "Oriental Mustard Powder."

      2. Traditionally only used as dipping sauce at dim sum. You'll not find it used anywhere else as far as I am aware of. Interesting idea all the same: Chinese Restaurant Mustard Ice Cream, CR Mustard Jelly or CR Mustard Butter perhaps?

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          I'm going to try the mustard butter. I bet that would be really good with some pretzel bread, in particular. Thanks!

        2. Try making your own spring rolls
          Mustard is a great flavor component to macaroni and cheese
          Also used in deviled eggs
          Home made vinegarette
          Epicurious search with keyword: mustard

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            Deviled eggs...that sounds awesome!

          2. It's also good in potato salad, egg salad, and BBQ sauce.

            And you can use it to make a mustard cream sauce, with a little dill for fish or a little sage for chicken.

            Makes a great hot honey mustard for a ham sandwich too; I'll use that on one slice of bread and mayo on the other- you get sweet, spicy, creamy. smoky and salty in each bite...

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            1. re: eclecticsynergy

              riffing on the hot honey mustard, you can add a fine mango chutney to that for a wonderful sandwich spread -- with smoked turkey or ham -- and a nice cheese (maybe brie, if you're being wicked).

            2. I use Oriental hot mustard to make cheese sauces when I want some added pungency as well as a seasoning for pork or meatloaf.

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