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Feb 12, 2011 02:27 PM

Vegetarian Husband willing to start eating meat if I make him BBQ Beans. Please help.

My husband is a Dont Ask Dont Tell vegetarian. This means that on visits to my grandparents in Kansas City we get BBQ beans from Oklahoma Joes BBQ. There is definitely meat in them. Now, we are back in London and he wants them. And I ve been patiently waiting for this day to come along where he wants meat.

Ive googled recipes and ingredients, but I dont think pork and beans in a can is readily available here. It will also be nearly impossible to get some good burnt ends to add to it, let alone a bbq sauce that I d use. Making it from scratch seems to be the only thing. What can I do? Im not sure if liquid smoke is available, but I can pretty easily get ahold of some schlenkerla rauchbier. Also, recipes that serve a relatively small number of servings as we only have a small under counter fridge.

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  1. Here's a start. I know, I know you said BBQ Beans but you can play with this recipe (by adding BBQ Sauce, Schlenkerla rauchbier etc) or make it as it is. This James Beard recipe is so simple and flavorful on its own that it will bring DH out of the vegie closet forever! I've made it many times and it never fails.

    1. England has smoked bacon and the like which you can sub in for the smoked ends. Or smoke your own brisket,ribs etc... on an kettle grill like a Weber
      And our baked beans here in US originated in England. Tinned baked beans are quite common there aren't they? You could always docter them up with some bacon, onion, mustard, treachle and the like.

      1. I've made the recipe below and loved it. I've been know to add diced garlic sausage, which is a great addition but you could leave it out if it's just too much for your husband. The key is the diced slab bacon in this recipe. I'm sure you could halve it, as it makes a big pot.

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            that Epicurious recipe is pretty solid, but i like it even better with a few alterations...i'm not a huge fan of clove, so i only use a tiny bit. also add about 1/2 tsp of toasted ground cumin or 5-spice powder, some minced chipotle, a little ground espresso powder, and a healthy splash of cider vinegar. oh, and sometimes sub maple syrup for half the brown sugar.

          2. BBQ beans are basically cassoulet, if put together by a dude stuck in america at a campfire instead of a French Farmhouse. So- beans, onions, tomato puree, sugar- (Dark brown, maybe some black treacle to sub for molasses) cider, vinegar, garlic, capsicum. Salt. I think OK joes ' has black pepper in them as well. Whatever meat you get - Smoked bacon is good, you might slow roast a small brisket to get some burnt end like stuff off the end of the point, just put it in the last hour you are cooking the beans.

            You're going to have to figure out measurements your self. Keep the vinegar and sugar balanced. You can always add salt, but you cant take it out.