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Feb 12, 2011 02:04 PM

Dinner at Oleana on Friday--how many meze should we order?

Unfortunately, everything on the menu looks fantastic and there are only 2 of us. Are the meze small, like tapas, so that we can order several and still have room for a main course? Or will we need to go back several times or with a large group so that we can sample everything?

134 Hampshire St., Cambridge, MA 02139

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  1. lucky you! I hate to say, but it depends on your appetites. I've been with one other person and order the veg. meze tasting, which is five meze, and we supplemented that with I think three other mezze...fried mussels, Sultan's beef, and something else I can't remember. That was plenty for two light eaters; others here have said that couldn't possibly be enough for two but it was for us.. I've heard of other parties of 2 each ordering the veg mezze tasting, and then the 2 get 10 different mezze. More recently I went with a party of four and we had probably 9 or so mezze and two desserts...again, lots would say that's not enough.

    My best advice would be get there and hear if there are any specials, if there is an entree you really want, go for it (or two, if you want two) and throw in a few mezze. You can always order more mezze later, or a second entree...they are very happy to let a meal go on for as long as you want...

    I've seen plenty of twosomes have no trouble getting through 2 - 3 mezze and 2 entrees.

    now, let others who can eat more weigh in.

    I'd have to say

    1. We've done 4 to 5 meze each and lived to have dessert.

      1. When we went the first time, we each ordered a mezz as well as an entree, and we were able to finish all of it as well as a dessert each. The second time we went, we each got the vegetarian tasting and two or three extra meat mezzes, and we wished that we had not ordered the extra mezzes, because we were so full that we could not enjoy the last couple mezzes as well as we could have on a less full stomach. We also appreciated that they gave us different tastings, i.e. Two different mezzes each course. Now that I have tried many of the mezzes, I would probably order a la cart next time I visit.