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Feb 12, 2011 09:20 AM

Vegetarian uses for mole

Making a mole sauce is relatively easy when compared to finding a use for it in cookbooks and online that doesn't involve meat. I do love that taste and am certain that meat is not essential to its enjoyment. Your ideas are much appreciated!
Thanks all

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  1. It's a great enchilada sauce, so cheese enchiladas?
    I love it with tempeh, but lots of folks don't like tempeh. do you?

    1. Mexican cooking is not vegetarian (in the modern American sense). If people didn't eat meat, it was because they couldn't afford it, not because they had moral compunctions about doing so.

      In addition, moles, especially the more elaborate ones, are for special events.

      But, since mole is usually served on meat that is cooked separately, it shouldn't be hard to use it on vegetarian items - provided you can think of things that would go well with a heavy, spicy sauce.

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        But the heavy spicy sauce is so delicious that it really is the main attraction. I'm not a vegetarian, but absolutely love mole over rice or tortillas, or even sopped up with crusty bread.

      2. hey, I'd put it on vegetarian frijoles...especially some of the beans that are larger and "meatier." I've also mixed it in spanish rice, and any kind of egg dish. even roasted green beans. mashed potatoes. in small amounts, with shellfish. in chilaquiles...the leftover corn tortilla dish. add to tortilla soup.

        An old Bobby Flay recipe, in From my kitchen to your table, 1998, involves a basic mole base with lobster stock and it's served with grilled tuna.

        1. I think it would go really well on a baked squash.

          1. One of our favorite restaurants has enchiladas filled with fried plantains and covered in mole. Has a sweet-savory-spicy thing going on.

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              Those sound absolutely delicious.

              I think mole would be good on grilled veggie enchiladas. Also I seem to remember Rick Bayless on Top Chef Masters making it with Chiles Rellenos?