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Feb 12, 2011 08:48 AM

Those raised trays for serving pizza

They used to serve pizza on a raised platform tray at the table. I'm guessing this opened up more table for the diners.
What is this thing called? Can't find it by Googling.
Whay don't they use 'em anymore? Unsafe height?
Anyone know where to get some?

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  1. Something like this?

    You could always slide the sliced pie onto a raised cake plate.

    This one's cool, it holds 2!

      1. Thanks very much folks.
        I feel stupid now, but still, thanks.

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        1. re: Spanish Willy

          Gosh, don't feel stupid! I didn't know what they were called either and your post just called out to the part of me that NEEDS TO KNOW. :)
          Are you thinking of using them in your home?

          1. re: Nicolette S

            Uhh, not my home.
            I'm building a new menu for my restaurant. But I want to use them for lifting other stuff up off the table, not pizza.
            They used to look like cake stands when I was a kid, but these new ones are much smarter, as you can put things under them, so that's kinda neat.

        2. They are still in use at some places. Our pizza for lunch yesterday at Caponies in Chicago came on one.

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          1. re: Eldon Kreider

            Yeah, the last two places I ordered pizza (Oakland, San Francisco) used them. Maybe it's a retro thing? Anyhow, I like 'em.

          2. They use them for cheese tostadas (cheese crisps) around here, same deal- frees up some table.

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            1. re: EWSflash

              A nachosey type thing is what I´m considering among others too. Muchas gracias all.