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Feb 12, 2011 07:36 AM

Toulouse on Knox Henderson

Just a little report because I don't see a lot about this place. I went last night with a group of 5. We had awesome service and the food was amazing. Started with the Goat cheese tartlet Wow (won't be sharing that again,) then we shared the Thai Mussels OMG we we were licking the bowl. I had Sweet Potato Gnocchi truly the best I have ever had. Woke up dreaming about it this morning. Hubby Had Short Ribs again home run. Our son had the duck confit and our daughter in law had the strip steak. It was cooked perfect. Dessert came and we had to pass as we we're stuffed but all n all it was a wonderful dinner. Trying Lucia Next week with some friends hope it's as good.

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  1. I eat here from time to time as it's just about two blocks from my Dallas digs. And it's really pretty good. The sole meunier is really quite nice, prepared on the bone, and deboned tabled side. A nice appetizer is the tuna tartar. The other dishes I've had are less outstanding, but always competent. Decent, but not outstanding wine list. This does seem to me to be a really underrated spot. Not great serious cuisine by any stretch, but very well done bistro fare.

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    1. Very underrated. I love the space and the feel. Their mac & cheese is one of my favorites. That, paired with their bibb lettuce house salad, is a perfect meal.

      1. I am fine with it being underrated and not as popular as long as it means I can walk here with my dog for a saturday/sunday brunch and not have to wait! It is always steady with people tho, much more so than the italian place next door to it. It's one of our favorite brunch places.

        Never really had a bad meal here. Last time we got the thai mussels. YUM!